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    Competitor in the Steel Ball Run race.

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    Steel Ball Run

    Diego Brando is one of Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli's foes in the Steel Ball Run race.

    Born in a poor British family, Diego's father abandoned him and his mother. After his mother died tragically, Diego swears to revenge this unfair society and reach the top of it. Several years later, Diego became a famous equestrian and decides to join the Steel Ball Run race in America.

    During the third round of the race, Dr. Ferdinand turns Diego into a half-dinosaur creature by using his Stand "Scary Monsters"'s power and commands Diego to find pieces of the Saint's Corpse. After Gyro defeats Dr. Ferdinand, Diego accidentally gains "Scary Monsters" by using the eye of the Saint's Corpse to transfer Dr. Ferdinand's power to himself.

    Diego finds out that "Scary Monster" has the power to transform himself or other living things he touches into dinosaurs.

    During the fifth round, Diego already knows president Funny Valentine's plans of finding the Saint's Corpse. He faces the president and offers a deal, which is he defeats Johnny and sends the piece of Saint's Corpse he had, and President Valentine allows him to rule the Manhattan area in return. President Valentine agrees to the deal and sends Sandman to help Diego. However, Johnny awakes Tusk Act2 and defeats Sandman with his evolved Stand power. Diego then decides to turn against President Valentine.

    Before the ninth round, Diego fights President Valentine on a train. He almost defeats Valentine, but after falls from the train, another train comes and cuts his body into two pieces.

    Another Diego

    After being defeated by Johnny, President Valentine brings another Diego Brando from a parallel universe by using his Stand D4C's power. He promises another Diego position of the president, and he wishes Diego to find the Saint's Corpse and put it inside a giant underground base he prepared. He also tells Diego he must kill Johnny because he might be a threat.

    Diego from parallel universe has a Stand names The World, it can stop time for approximately 5 seconds. Diego fights Johnny in the ninth round on Brooklyn Bridge. After being told Johnny's Stand power by Valentine, Diego stops time as Johnny shoots an infinite rotation energy and hits his leg. Then he cuts his leg off which contains the rotation energy and throws it to Johnny, transfers the energy to Johnny himself, and defeats Johnny.

    Diego then takes the Saint's Corpse to the underground base as he promised Valentine. However, Lucy Steel arrives ahead and waits for him in the base while holding a bag. Diego finds out the bag contains the head of this world's Diego cut from his dead body. As the physic law of this universe that any objects stay close to its corresponding object from parallel universes will causing both objects to annihilate each other and disappear in this world, the annihilation effect destroys Diego's head and kills him definitely.

    Scary Monsters

    Diego finds out the Saint's Corpse can awake people's Stands. Stands are entities generated from people's life energy, each stand has a unique superpower, and people who have abilities to summon stands were called "Stand Users". Dr. Ferdinand's stand is named Scary Monsters, it doesn't have a form like most Stands, more likely to be a pure superpower attaches to the user. Diego gains Scary Monsters by using the eye of Saint's Corpse to transfer Dr. Ferdinand's power.

    As a Stand User, Diego finds out Scary Monsters has the power to transform himself or other living things he touches into dinosaurs. Diego himself usually turns into a Velociraptor with blue skins and a size slightly bigger than a human.


    • Dinosaur Transformation: Scary Monsters has the power to transform himself or other living things he touches into dinosaurs. Diego himself usually turns into a Velociraptor with blue skins and a size slightly bigger than a human. When turning into his Dinosaur form, Diego gains Dinosaur's strength and speed. Powerful teeth and claws are also his weapons. Within the dinosaur's body, Diego can easily tear a man apart. He can also control this transformation, such as only turns parts of his body into dinosaur form.
    • Control Dinosaurs: Diego can command the dinosaurs he created to help him during battles or to do other works for him.
    • Dynamic Vision: Diego gains Dynamic Vision when turns into Dinosaur form. His reaction turns extremely fast that he can sense all moving objects and determine the trials of their movements in his eyesight. This ability makes him capable of dodging enemies' attacks and always reacts ahead opponent's moves. He can even dodge fast projectiles such as bullets.

    The World

    After being defeated by Johnny, President Valentine travels into another parallel universe and finds Diego from that universe. This new Diego has a Stand with physical form unlike Scary Monsters, and it's named The World. It appears like a strong, muscular man with yellow skin and a bucked-shaped armor covering its head.

    As a Stand User, Diego can summon The World whenever he wants or hides it in his body. The World is a close-range Stand, so it stays about 2 meters from Diego's body after being summoned and seems always floating above the ground. The power of The World is to stop time for approximately 5 seconds.


    • Time Stop: Diego can stop time for approximately 5 seconds. After he triggers this power, only himself and somehow his horse can move in the frozen world and interacts with other objects. During the battle with Johnny Joestar, Diego fights dirty by throwing knives and steel wires at Johnny during the time stop.
    • Combats: As a human-shaped Stand with physical form, The World can do basic combats like punching with fists or kicking. The World's strength is unknown, but can be inferred as largely surpasses normal humans.

    Diego and Dio

    Diego Brando is obviously the corresponding character of Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part1 to Part6. Steel Ball Run as Part 7 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure takes place in a different universe than the universe of Part1 to Part6, there are several corresponding characters of characters from the original JoJo universe. There are several similarities and differences between Dio Brando and Diego Brando.


    • Both Dio Brando and Diego are British and born in the 19th century.
    • Diego's name is usually simplified as Dio, which is exactly the same as Dio. And they both have the same last name as Brando.
    • Both Dio and Diego's mothers died tragically and the deaths changed their trails of life.
    • Both Dio and Diego turn into inhuman creatures. Dio turns into a Vampire, and Diego's Stand can turn himself into a Dinosaur. However, Dio's transformation stays permanently, and Diego can switch between the human form and the dinosaur form.
    • Diego from parallel universe has the Stand "The World", which is a Stand with the same name, similar appearance, and same power as Dio Brando's. Diego's The World seems more slender than Dio's, and Diego's Stand has armors shaped like the letter "D" on knees instead of heart-shaped armors which Dio's Stand has. In addition, Diego's Stand can only stop time for 5 seconds, while Dio can stop time for a maximum of 9 seconds.

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