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    Romantic Interest of Supergirl.

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    Dick Malverne was born Dick Wilson and lived at the same orphanage as Linda Lee. Linda and Dick went on many dates and he was convinced Linda was actually Supergirl. He never found out he was correct. He went on to be adopted by the Malverne family (see Action Comics #282 in reference to his name change) and Linda was adopted by the Danvers family


    Dick Malverne was an appliance store owner in Leesburg who was in love with Linda Danvers. He was diagnosed with cancer and after making a bad deal with Buzz to be healed was turned into Tempus. He was turned back and eventually died of cancer.


    This version was a hybrid of the two continuities. Dick was an orphan in Midvale Orphanage where he fell for Linda Lee. After a period of estrangement he seeks her out again. On his deathbed he reveals he always knew Linda was Supergirl and that he loved her. He dies of cancer that night. The story ends with Supergirl, cradling Streaky saying her heart his broken.


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