Who Do You Think Should Kill Dick Grayson?

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If DC ever lets it actually, actually, happen, what enemy/villain should kill Dick Grayson/Nightwing? What enemy/villain do you think will be able to kill Dick? In my opinion, I could see Deathstroke or Two-Face doing it.

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Not sure. I like Damian killing him but that only really works in Injustice. Deathstroke maybe? He's the only villain I can think of that Dick has strong ties to.

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Jason Todd



William Cobb

Owlman if he's alive by some miracle.

The Joker

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A fitting death in my opinion would be for him to die while saving Gotham City during a period when Bruce is absent ("Dead" again, off with the Justice League, lost in another dimension, etc.). With Batman being absent for a few months Gotham's Rogues set about fighting for control of the city, causing massive amounts of chaos and destruction on all sides. With the Dark Knight nowhere to be found it's up to his heir and first son to rally the city's crimefighters together to save their city.

Actually been playing around with this idea in my head as a possible Elseworld story I wouldn't mind writing one day. In terms of who actually kills Dick i've been imagining the final encounter being with either the Joker or Bane.

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In bed with Batgirl

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Irrelevant. In the end we lose the character all the same.

Why do you want him dead anyway?

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@vitacura: Lol, I don't want him dead. Dick is my favorite character, but I just was curious on what your guys' opinions' are on which character should kill him, if it ever came to that.

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@vitacura said:

@nathaniel_christopher: So he isn't good enough to survive where Bruce does. Nevermind that is Battle for the Cowl description.

@dominick1216: Right. It shows.

It's currently an idea that's similar to a number of stories, hence it just being an idea that isn't fully fleshed out yet. And if that's how you want to look at it, as him not being as good as Bruce, then go right ahead.

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Bruce when he goes mad and turns into the joker and Dick has to don the cape and cowl

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After a stealthy ambush Slade manages to beat the brakes off Batman and Robin. They're in a bad way until Nightwing shows up in a batmobile. Requiring hospitalization he whisks them away to Leslie Thompkins. Following the trail of bodies he finds the terminator threatening to release dangerous toxins to Gotham's waterways, chemicals he explains that when ingested would induce bouts of extreme bloodlust in regular people, in some cases cannibalism, morphing Gotham into a nightmarish sh1tshow if executed. Deathstroke claims he was hired by Ra's Al Ghul whose motivations lie in eradicating the accursed city responsible for producing some of the worst human beings ever to walk the planet.

With so much on the line Dick pulls out all the stops to put Slade down for good after a lengthy back and forth tussle. Halting for a moment he remembers Robin's broken little body. In a fit of rage Dick gouges his nemeses remaining eye out WITH HIS TEETH like a man possessed, his costume drenched in blood by now. The moment was surreal, but the fight had simply taken so much out of him. Grayson disarms the bioengineered weapons. He tells Slade his days as a contract killer are over meanwhile putting a call out to some highly sanctioned intelligence agencies(Checkmate/Spyral) offering to lock the man up for good in a maximum metahuman security prison.

Realizing he'll never get to witness Nightwing, his most formidable adversary's death due to losing his sight the hitman feels a profound sense of loss at never completing his goal. The final vision of Nightwing giving into the exposed chemical compounds leaking from a defective bomb, pushing the hero past a pain threshold of stab wounds, bullet holes and bruises burn into his memory. Unlocking the absolute savage within the young man kept tame until provoked on that dreaded night. It will haunt him for the rest of his life as he replays the imagery inside a cold, dark cell surrounded by four unforgiving walls.

Nightwing calls Barbara Gordon from atop the highest Gargoyle in Gotham(the same one Bruce leapt from in Knightfall), overlooking the grisly scene below. He can see the entire city from up here and it's glimmering radiantly. He pledges his love for her, finally, and tells her to look after his little brothers while he's gone. Afterwards he contacts tiger and asks for one last favor over the phone. He tosses his domino mask in a smokey chute and manages to crawl out of his costume into his under garments, leaving the suit to burn in a vat of fiery chemicals nearby. He lies down to rest, the adrenaline having been completely spent at this juncture.

Commissioner Gordon arrives by helicopter a few hours later and discovers the chemical weapons. As they turn the spotlight over Gordon notices the silhouette of a person teetering near the corner of a building top. He tells the pilot to disembark so he can investigate further. He approaches the body alone and is petrified by the gory scene and whom is encountered. Jim walks a few steps back and goes to reach for his walkie for help when he notices a burnt up piece of cloth fly past him in a gust of wind, a blue bird sigil sported on the front. He turns back and looks at Dick.

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The most notable recurring villain for Dick is Deathstroke. If anyone's killing him it has to be Slade.

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No one. No one ever. They should never kill him off.

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No one...

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Poussey Lezdaughter

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Jimmy Olsen

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Donna Troy

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