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    As the first Robin, Dick Grayson was the most famous sidekick in comic book history. As he ventured forth on his own, he formed the Teen Titans and became their leader. When the boy became a man, he became the independent hero known as Nightwing.

    Which Nightwing arc should I pick up?

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    Here's the list:

    So basically:

    -1995 miniseries

    -1996-2009 Pre 52 ongoing

    -2011-2014 New 52 ongoing

    -Then miscellaneous other appearances

    I don't really care about any of the Forever Evil/Grayson crap they are pulling so maybe what you consider Nightwing at his best Nightwing-ness.

    I already read the 1995 miniseries and the first arc of each ongoing. I hear the Talon issues of the recent ongoing were good, but there are those Chicago ones too...Yeah any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

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