Was his solo series worth it?

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I have the opportunity on Saturday to buy his past series from issues 120-146 for fifty cents each but to be honest I have never heard much talk about it. I have recently gotten into his character thanks to the new 52 but I've been wanting to get more into his character. Has anyone read this series or recommend these issues?

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120-146 is ok. If you want some great Nightwing stories you need to go back to the Dixon days.

Also New 52 nightwing has been great. Though this new story arc seems like it could go either way.

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I heard that most of his pre-New 52 series was average, not awful (like Tony Daniel's run of Detective in the New 52 was) but not particularly great either. The general impression I get is that the series was simply 'passable' and DC did very little to propel it further than that as they simply wanted to get regular sales out of it.

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If you can tolerate the art Chuck Dixon did a fine job. The Tomasi run was my favorite, too bad Batman RIP got in the way.

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