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So DC has pretty much spoiled whats going to happen to Dick:

In Batman 55, Dick is going to end up catching a bullet in the head. And at least Nightwing 51-53 is him basically having forgotten he was ever Nightwing. And with Ben Percy stepping down with issue 50, those three issue will be written by Scott Lobdell.


I think this is a stupid idea to be honest, chiefly because we just had the same kind of story happen to Bruce a few years ago with Jim Gordon dressing up as the Bat-Bunny to cover for him... and same thing happens here, only it's a bunch of random vigilantes taking over for Dick in Blüdhaven.

Also this appears to impact the Titans where Dick just appears to vanish. And yet again we are in this strange world where you can have prime movers like Nightwing and Batman leading teams of incredible superhumans, but completely fall off each others radars at the drop of a hat even when you know they know people that could help them.

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Amnesia stories are always stupid. Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be too bad.

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