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So I havent seen this and if it already exists somewhere I am sorry. Anyway I want to create a cannon page for the NEW 52 Nightwing, mostly because I have been hearing little bits and pieces of info here and there on what may or not be cannon. I am asking for pure facts not speculation or guess work just pure facts on the NEW 52 Nightwing ( not something that happened pre 52 unless you have a specific source stating that it relates to the current NW) . if you post please cite your source and please make it a viable one. I think it will be good because I feel and I think alot of you feel the same that right now a lot of Dicks past is vague or unclear so any solid facts would be great, so we have a better understanding of what has happened and who Dick Grayson is. Thanks!

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Dick was still Batman.

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Your best bet is to tweet questions to Kyle Higgins. I've found that he's pretty responsive and straightforward. From what I've found around the internet, most of the Bat-universe is still canon. Since Higgins has stated that Nightwing is his favorite character and loves the Dixon run (especially the first 30 or so issues of the 96-09 Nightwing series), my bet is that most of that is still canon. The New Teen Titans stuff is still questionable as far as it being "official" canon - my guess is that it isn't. However, I personally consider it to be canon.

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Its pretty much mathmatically impossible for everything to fit in the New 52. I mean in Nightwing #0 that Dick was already 16 and he is currently 21. so five years isnt really enough time to be Robin, go to the teen titans, outsiders, JLA etc, become batman for a year, go to bludhaven, have bludhaven destroyed and then go back to gotham. Im not saying that its not what they are trying to say but its not possible.

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@RitchieB: I agree, with the 5 year timeline it's impossible for everything in Dick's history to fit into the New 52 universe. Since most of the writers (save for Lobdell) have said that the Bat history is intact, I've chosen to ignore the 5 year history of the New 52. The other thing is just to "pick and chose" your own continuity. For example, I'm personally not a fan of Winnick's Outsiders/Titans stuff, so I just ignore it. My personal Dick Grayson canon includes the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans, the 1995 miniseries, the 1996-2009 series (and related Bat crossovers), Infinite Crisis, Morrison's Batman and the New 52 Higgins run. Yeah, there are some other works thrown in there, but for me, that's what I personally consider canon. It's an approach that works for me.

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And we all have to remember that for Dick it's basically a 4 year history, because he still spent one year as Batman. SMH, the timeline's all screwed up.

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Things I'm 100% sure are canon:

  • Tony Zucco murdering Dick's parents
  • Dick being Batman for a year
  • The events during Batman RIP
  • Final Crisis and everything that happened after it prior to the reboot

The latter two points aren't specifically referenced in any issues that I know of but the fact that Dick was Batman for a year leads makes it only logical to assume that the entire Morrison run on Batman still stands as canon, it all happened so recently (in real world terms) that I just cannot see it being dismissed in the current timeline.

Also, I think we need to be careful with this whole '5 year timeline' issue. As far as I'm concerned it's simply an attempt by DC to keep Bruce as young as possible, when you look at the timeline for the previous Robins he'd have to be at least 35 when Damian is revealed to him and thats a modest guess. Now he's 30 which means he got freaky with Talia before he became Batman (or was Damian somehow conceived and given accelerated growth until the age of 7 before undergoing constant training from then on?), it gives DC plenty of room to breathe with Bruce and allows them to just keep going with him as their lead character (stops any talk of him being to old for the mantle etc). As a result its ruined the history of all the previous Robins (completely wiped one of them from continuity), but this is likely a price DC were more than willing to pay given that it gives them a legit reason to set them back in terms of their abilities and avoid a scenario where they have to give a character (like Dick) a more prominent role when a crisis occurs.

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As we saw in RHATO during a flashback, Batman Under the Hood seems to still be canon. We also saw in their another flashback showing Dick working with Roy and Kori, as Nightwing, so that's something of the New Teen Titans Era being thrown in (Though the fact the entire run isn't canon still deeply offends and disgusts me) Since Dick was Batman for a year and Bruce was officially gone, I think we can at least count Dick's 2nd time working with/leading the Justice League, though since Donna Troy no longer exists it would obviously have been a variation of the team he was a part of, similar to the New Teen Titans.

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