Is Nightwing identity still known to the world ?

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No, Helena used a spy satellite to wiped his name from everybody's minds, except his family and friends' and hers.

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No, in Grayson #20, Doctor Dedalus attempted to land a 'killing' blow to Agent Grayson by using the incredibly convenient Spyral Satellite to wipe everyone's minds of Dick Grayson and all of his identities. However, what Doctor Dedalus didn't know was that another, more powerful plot convenience was at play, while constructing the satellite, Matron Bertinelli put in a safeguard to where if anyone tried to use the technology to make everyone forget about Dick Grayson, that it would 'skip over' his friends and family. This would allow Dick Grayson to have his old life back because the only people who would know Dick Grayson was Nightwing, were the people he wouldn't mind possessing that knowledge. So once Doctor Dedalus used the Spyral Satellite, everyone but his friends and family had their memories of Dick Grayson/Nightwing wiped clean.

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