Do I need background knowledge?

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I'm thinking of reading the New 52 Nightwing, is it necessary to read up on his background such as "Nightwing year one" and other earlier comics to understand this new run?

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No need! Originally, the Bat books were going to retain old history, but that changed pretty early in the run. The core is still there (Nightwing used to be Robin, Tony Zucco killed his parents, etc) but the timeline has changed, he was never a Teen Titan, he has a different costume (the blue suit "never existed" in the New 52 continuity), and some key parts of his pre-reboot past (like Bludhaven) never happened. them if you just want more Nightwing stories, but they're not at all necessary to jump into this run.

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I don't think so, but it may end up being that you do. There's a lot of information from Dick's past that still hasn't been expanded on, but has been hinted at (such as his relationships with both Kori and Barbara, him becoming Nightwing, working with Damian, teaming up with other heroes, etc.) DC may completely retcon some of it, change it slightly, or keep it exactly the same. At the moment, you should be fine. Maybe pick up Year One and a few of the graphics with Dick as Batman.

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While I would really recommend for you to read his pre-52 series, those issues are not necessary when it comes to understanding Nightwing. Higgins did a good job talking about his character, and even bringing up the important bits of his past.

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@oko360: Were you able to read up on the series? If so, what did you think of it?

I felt like issues 7-9 really came on, overall the entire run is very consistent imo

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