Dick Grayson should marry Starfire or Barbara Gordon?

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Hmmm...which one should I pick????

Starfire. Very little baggage. Sunshine & Rainbows. Alien Amazon Princess (Like a randy, Space Diana, End This Thread). Artificial Side: More beautiful & with a body comparable to Diana & Karen. Dick could be The Future King of Tamaran. In other words, RULER of a PLANET!!!

Barbara. Too much baggage. Last name is a Joker/Villain magnet. Angst fest at every turn. Dick's possible demise (after marrying into the family) by Joker with his Acid Spray & 2 in the brain on some dirty street corner, probably in front of Barbara too. TKJ 2 starring Batgirl.

Both seem very tempting, but I guess I'll settle for Kori. I'd prefer Dick's mind to be blown in bed and not all over the pavement. lol

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