Dick Grayson as Robin in Batman: Arkham Origins!

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That's a relief, a lot of people were saying it was Tim Drake (even though he was 16 in Arkham City, which is 8 years after this). Its a good thing they didn't screw up the timeline too much.

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sucks that he's only in the multiplayer but it still looks fun...I just hope it pulls me in more than the challenge missions from the other games...I was so excited to play as Tim and Dick but Tim's story mode was like half an hour long and the challenge missions with Nightwing are boring as he!!

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He better be no older than 14 lol.

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I wonder if this means we will see Babs in the DLC. just like the added Nightwing and Tim Drake to Arkham City, I wouldnt be surprised if they chose Batgirl this round sense she is the only other person that makes any sense of being around with Dick Grayson as Robin

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Ohhh lord please not Babs too. Keep it simple Origins. I understand you don't want to alienate female fanbases just.. If you want a kickass female character use Shiva(who actually fackin makes sense in context) or Catwoman again. Tired of DC sweatin Batgirl's fiery locks, she shouldn't have even been DLC for Injustice with the already exaggerated roster of bat associates. Just kill her already and bring Cassie into the fray. Okay maybe don't kill her but keep her away from my video games and out of that costume capiche? Oracle is so much cooler.

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Knowing that i'd much rather a chance to play as him in the main storyline, or some type of new game plus.

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I hope he has a role in this game. Cause he had none in Arkham City. :/ Everyone else had a role in the game's story but him.

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he's may favorite robin. I don't really care for todd or drake, and really don't like wayne

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@maccyd said:

@nathaniel_christopher: I love New Game+s! It's always a plus for me! :P

lmao nice. In all seriousness though it's a nice way to get more out of the game, while at the same time keeping it fresh due to a new character being used, which can lead to new situations and a new fighting style.

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I'm really hyped up for this game! One thing that bugs me, however, is that in regards to game-mechanics, Dick Grayson seems to be a clone of Tim Drake from Arkham City. It would've been neat to give him his own combat style/tools.

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@alak: @nathaniel_christopher:

A new game plus is always a great way to increase replayability , it was so bummy how you could play as Catwoman in Arkham City's campaign but someone like Nightwing who actually possesses the tools to combat thugs and navigate around the city was excluded from the story. I'm sure there were ways to implement him into the game without crashing it, giving him gliders like the Beyond skin, a fully functional grapnel gun and maybe a couple other minor tweaks. Why can't DC just admit hopping around as Nightwing might actually enhance the overall gameplay experience of AC or even present more challenges than using the God of prep?

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@smoothjammin: I think the reason why Catwoman was preferred over Nightwing is because she's currently more marketable. Their overall goal is to make money, and appeasing fans comes second. Nightwing does pop up frequently (B:TAS, B:TNAS, The Batman, Young Justice, cameo in JL:U, referenced in Batman Beyond, Lego Batman, Arkham City DLC, Teen Titans cameo, Under the Red Hood). He just seems to be good at cameos for the moment, giving fans some eye candy with his minor appearances. DC thinks that's all he's good for at the moment, but hopefully in due time they'll realize that he's a strong enough character to carry his own media.

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