Anyone happen to see the Kickstarter for a Nightwing miniseries?

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So there's a couple guys that have put together a Kickstarter for a Nightwing mini-series. While I have to say that the acting is a bit dodgy, the fact that people are doing something like this is definitely an indication of the character's popularity. My hope is that some people at WB see this and, instead of shutting these people down for doing something with the character that they don't have the balls to do, get inspired to utilize him - and other DC characters - in live action media. Maybe not feature films, but cameos/regularly appearing characters on Arrow and Amazon? Finally getting that Booster Gold show for SyFy off the ground?

If you're interested, check it out here:

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The kickstarter has been fully funded as of yesterday so it seems Nightwing: The Series will be a reality! I'm looking forward to this!

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is it going to be the same actors because they arnt the greatest actors, but either way still cool

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