A Robin By Any Other Name

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I have found a total of 20 different aliases that were used at sometime in Robin's future. Some of them are from Elseworld stories, sometimes they were never used but mentioned. I wonder if there are any more, I will list what I have, and please tell me if there is any others, and give me a reference. My Robin Names Batboy, mentioned as a possible name in the movie Batman Forever

Batman, has taken on the name twice

Bucky, during a Batman/Captain America crossover where they had Robin & Bucky switch rolls.

Deathwing, Team Titans

Doctor Fate, during Flashpint

Heatwave 2.0, Gotham Underground #4

Hood, All-Star Batman & Robin #8

Hush Beyond, Batman Beyond

the Joker, The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Moonwing, Bruce Wayne Agent of SHIELD, A combination of Nightwing & Moon Knight

Nightwing, his current

Owlman, Batman #107, I just founf out about this one

Red Robin, Kingdom Come

Red X, Teen Titans X

Redblade, Batman: Leatherwing

Renegade, during Infinite Crisis

Robin, his original

Superman Jr., Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #6, done as a prank on Superman

the Target, Nightwing: The Target.

Nightwing is my number one favorite superhero, and that's the main reason why I am interested in ALL of his aliases. So please, if you know of more, let me know.

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Impressive work! It must've taken alot of patience to gather every one of those aliases, great detective skills.

My favorite(and the one I wish everyone referred to him as)-The Aerial Avenger. I forget where I heard it originally, it might've been TNBA but it has a certain ring to it. Very easy on the ears. Sure beats "The Caped Crusader" lol

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Thanks, I'm actually not looking for nicknames, just different aliases he has used. Also, I thought I once read that they had at one point thought about making Dick Grayson the next Blue Beetle, before Jaime Reyes came along, but I can't find anything to support this. If I was going for nicknames, I might have suggested the Boy Wonder. Thanks anyways.

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@PrinceMarvel: I don't believe it was Dick Grayson but in fact Tim Drake who writers were opting for. cbishop of comicvine can fill you in on the details, he's a huge blue beetle fan from what I've read of his blogs. Hope I could help

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I realize that this topic is a little over a year old; however, I just learned that before they created Dick Grayson as Robin, they were going to name him Mercury, so I am adding it to my list.

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