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    Richard "Dick" Giordano (b. 20 July 1932) was a prolific comic book artist, working mainly as inker. He is well-known for his collaborations with Neal Adams.

    Giordano was working as an editor at bottom-of-the-barrel publisher Charlton Comics, first as an artist at the age of 20-- where several of his panels (and Charlton's typically wretched printing of them) served as sources for paintings of renowned artist Roy Lichtenstein's paintings that lionized the art of the American Comic Book-- and then as editor, where he had revitalized that company's moribund fortunes with updates on several characters and the introduction of several more new ones. He also brought new talent into the field from his editorial position there, including the immensely talented writer Denny O'Neil and sturdy artist Jim Aparo. Giordano was Executive Editor at Charlton when Artist Steve Ditko, who had left Marvel after his great success with Spider-Man, recommended him for a position at DC Comics. Giordano was hired as an editor at DC in 1968 under Carmine Infantino. He continued to draw and ink during his time there, but grew dispirited with his lot as an Editor at DC and left those duties in 1971 to join Neal Adams in founding Continuity Associates, a studio the pair ran that was primarily a comics packager -- for clients including Charlton and Marvel-- as well as a producer of comic-art-based advertising and storyboarding. Giordano continued freelancing throughout the 70's.

    He was brought back to DC by then Publisher Jenette Kahn in 1980 where he worked as initially as an editor, then was named Managing Editor in 1981 and was named a Vice-President/Executive Editor in 1983, where he remained until his retirement in the 1993.

    After his retirement from the DC office, he returned to drawing comics including to continue to freelance for DC. Among his notable works in recent years was a Modesty Blaise graphic novel published by DC, and several Phantom stories for the Swedish Fantomen comic book.

    Giordano had suffered in his later years from cancer, first Lymphoma and later Leukemia and passed away from complications related to Pneumonia in March of 2010.

    Characters Created by Dick Giordano

    Human Target

    Doctor Cyber

    Sergeant Steel





    Mzzttexxal (Thunderbolt)

    Professor Bibbowski

    Johnny Thunder

    James Rock (Nightmaster)

    Byron Wyatt

    Ten-Eyed Man

    Robert Langstrom (ManBat)

    Talia Al Ghul

    Leslie Thompkins

    Preston Payne

    Francine Lee

    Living Assault Weapons

    Matches Malone


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