Dick Cole

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    Dick Cole, The Wonder Boy

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    Left on the doorstep of Professor Blair of the Farr Military Academy Blair decides to keep the youth and make him the focus of his research and make him as “all-around wonderful for a man to be.”

    In the end his experiments and serums make the youth, whom the professor names Dick Cole, a paragon of strength, stamina, and agility, as well as healing faster then the normal human.

    Joining the Farr Academy when he’s old enough Dick is soon called the Dick Cole, the Wonder Boy by everyone there.

    Dick and his pals, Dan the bumbling comedy side-kick, and brutish Simba, another boy like Dick who was raised the same way he was by a rival scientist to do evil and was Dick’s main foe until Simba became Dick’s friend and together all three took on a variety of Nazi saboteurs, criminals, and other cadets who go down the wrong path.    


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