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Diana Trevor always knew she wanted to be a pilot. She achieved her goals, but met a man whom she fell in love with and married. She thought she would have to give up her dreams of flying in order to be a housewife. One Christmas, she left her husband and son, who eventually grew up to become Wonder Woman's close friend Steve Trevor, for one last stint testing out the new Sabre Jet for the military. During her travels, a lightning bolt struck the left wing of her jet, and she plummeted to the ground below. Little did she know, she was on Paradise Island, in the midst of a battle with the Cottus. Using her pistol, she quickly saved Phillipus from being killed, then ran after Cottus as he fled with another Amazon, Menalippe. During the fight, Diana continuously shoots the Cottus in between his eyes. Eventually, Menalippe is saved, but Diana is killed by the Cottus. She is later given an Amazon burial and considered the Amazon's champion.

Wonder Woman meets Diana Trevor during her Challenge of the Gods, and the woman tells her of her story. After revealing her life to the Amazon, Diana Trevor is brought to reunite with her husband by Hades in the Elysian Fields.

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