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    Diana Dane is a comic book writer for Dazzle Comics and Supreme's love interest. Diana is an analogue for DC Comics' Lois Lane.

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    Supreme: The Story Of The Year

    Not much is known about Diana's past. Diana works at Dazzle Comics in Omegapolis as a comic book writer and is best known for her writing talents for Warrior Woman. Diana is assigned to take over the writing responsibilities Omniman after Billy Friday leaves after "The Death of Omniman" by her boss Lucas Tate. She is even paired up with Omniman artist Ethan Crane, who is secretly the superhero Supreme. Diana was a bit perplexed about her approach for Omniman. She once thought about doing a back-up feature on Omnigirl.

    When she and Ethan have a chance to finally work together at her apartment (unaware that Ethan was busy as Supreme and his recent adventure reuniting with the Allied Supermen of America and rescuing the souls of missing superheroes), they brainstorm ideas for Omniman. One of their earliest ideas included Omniman's love interests. She even asks Ethan about Supreme's heroic exploits for inspiration. When working together, Supreme started to develop romantic feelings towards Diana. At some point, Diana meets Ethan's sister, Sally (unaware that she is Suprema).

    Soon after Darius Dax's failed attempt to take over Omegapolis by hijacking his floating Citadel, Diana and Ethan resume their task for creating the next issue of Omniman. Along the way, Diana experiences the sudden unbalance of reality by Szazs the Sprite Supreme and was temporary altered by a shift in the timestream caused by Wild Bill Hickok. When finally going through reference files for research, they are interrupted by witnessing Televillain, who he and a handful of supervillians escaped from the Hell of Mirrors in Supreme's Citadel, killing Monica from the TV show Friends.

    Supreme: The Return

    Soon after the chaos caused the supervillains, Diana is invited by Supreme to tour his Citadel for inspiration for her writer's block. During the tour, Diana experiences three incredible journeys through Amalynth (as both a citizen and a costume heroine called Duskwing), the future of 2150, and finally the Supremacy where she meets multiple versions of herself and Supreme. After her amazing experiences, she kisses Supreme for one-of-a-kind field trip and he reciprocates his feelings towards her.

    Soon after a situation of super-powered puppies fathered from Radar the Hound Supreme, Diana finally figures it out that Ethan is Supreme. She then comes to terms about Ethan as a superhero and the dangers that come with it as the two continue their relationship. Inspired by her trip to Supremacy, Diana finally writes her story for the next Omniman that mirrors Supreme's "revision". Her actions, however, unknowingly cause Darius Dax to realize that his experience from Daxia is linked to Supreme's and theorizes an similarity between the two.

    Supreme: Blue Rose

    Diana searches for Ethan.

    Alternate Versions of Diana Dane

    The Diana Danes of Supremacy
    The Diana Danes of Supremacy

    In Supremacy, their are multiple versions of Diana Dane from different eras. Their are only a few that have been identified:

    • 50s Diana Dane (the original)
    • Sister Supreme (a African-American female Supreme)
    • Queen Diana (wife to King Supreme)
    • Grim 80s Diana
    • Diana Duck (a parody of Daisy Duck from Disney)

    In Daxia, their are a few villainous versions of Diana Dane:


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