Dian Belmont

    Character » Dian Belmont appears in 175 issues.

    Dian Belmont is best known as Wesley Dodds' romantic partner.

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    Dian Belmont was the lifelong lover of Sandman/Wesley Bernard Dodds. She was the daughter of Lawrence Belmont, District Attormey of New York City in the 1930s. Dian herself was a mystery writer, succesful enough to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize. She was also an amateur detective, at least in her younger days.

    She met Wesley shorty after the latter became the Sandman. Although they never married (despite Wes' proposal ) and had no children, they were deeply committed to one another and remained together their entire lives. At one point, Dian became pregnant with Wes' child and consulted Dr. Charles McNider (the future Dr. Mid-Nite ).   She ultimately chose to have an abortion because their relationship at the time was uncertain.

    She was an honorary member and long-time associate of the Justice Society of America. Starman/Jack Kinght considered her his "lifelong hero". Dian died of old age and natural causes shortly before Wesley did. Her nephew Sandy/Sanderson Hawkins survived them both and is the heir to their legacy. 


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