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    Debbie Bertrand is a mercenary who took the code name of Diamondback and became a supervillain during the Secret War.

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    Deborah "Debbie" Bertrand was born in Greenville, North Carolina, and she was a college student at the University of North Carolina. Though publicly she was an All-American athlete and a former waitress, at some point she decided to use her physical gifts to become a mercenary-for-hire. She became the second Diamondback during Nick Fury's Secret War, where she was a member of Lucia Von Bardas' technology-based villains, and her equipment was provided by the Tinkerer.


    Debbie Bertrand was created in 2004 by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Gabriele Dell'Otto for the Secret War miniseries. Since the original Diamondback (Rachel Leighton) had reformed and become a hero, Bendis created a new one to serve as a villain.

    Major Story Arcs

    Secret War

    In battle with Daredevil
    In battle with Daredevil

    On her first Secret War assignment as Diamondback, Debbie Bertrand was teamed with the Scorcher and sent to assassinate lawyer Matt Murdock in his own home. However, they were defeated in battle by Daredevil (Murdock's superhero identity) and Spider-Man, who happened to witness the break-in. Bertrand was able to escape capture by using her rocket pack. She later fought in the Secret War's final battle at Mount Sinai Hospital, where Von Bardas' forces were defeated by the heroes.

    Debbie Bertrand operated as Diamondback even while the original Diamondback ( Rachel Leighton) was still active in the role. During Nick Fury's description of Bertrand, he remarked that the real Diamondback was "gonna flat out kick the impostor's butt" once she found out that the other woman stole her theme. As it turned out, Rachel never had the pleasure of doing so, since Debbie was apprehended and her equipment confiscated at the conclusion of the Secret War. Bertrand's current whereabouts are unknown, but it is assumed she is still incarcerated.

    Personal Data

    • Height: 5' 8"
    • Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Brown (dyed red as Diamondback)


    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Greenville, North Carolina
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupations: Mercenary; former waitress, college student and All-American Athlete
    • Known Relatives: David Bertrand (father), Kirsty Bertrand (mother)

    Abilities and Equipment

    Debbie Bertrand has no superhuman powers but is an Olympic-level athlete excelling in gymnastics. She is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant as well as an expert knife thrower. As Diamondback, Debbie was armed with numerous 4-inch elongated diamond-shaped throwing spikes that were needle-sharp and sometimes filled with various substances. This weaponry was provided by the Tinkerer, who is the same genius inventor who supplies the original Diamondback with her throwing diamonds. Debbie also wore a high-tech armored costume that was equipped with a rocket pack, allowing her to fly for short distances.


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