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    Honored Fallen Lantern of Space Sector 1416.

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    Green Lantern
    Status: Deceased
    Space Sector: 1416
    Sector Partner: Chaselon
    Homeworld: Barrio III
    Green Lantern of Xanador
    Successor:  Unknown


    Diamalon hailed from Barrio III in Space Sector 1416 and was partnered with veteran Green Lantern Chaselon.  Following the explosive abduction of Ion AKA Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Diamalon was among a number of members of the Green Lantern Corps who ventured out from behind the hole in Oa's protective armor.  Diamalon was one of those number who were subsequently killed by the Sinestro Corps sniper, Bedovian.  Chaselon has sworn to Diamalon’s parents that he would take vengeance against Bedovian. Diamalon is memorialized in the Crypts on Oa alongside the other Fallen Lanterns.

    Blackest Night

    Diamalon was resurrected, along with the other Fallen Lanterns, as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. Due the destruction of the Black Lantern Central Power Battery, it is presumed that he is dead once more...
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