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Dial H.U.S.K.
Dial H.U.S.K.
Young metamutant Paige Guthrie's life would change forever the day she discovered a dial-shaped device in her home state of Kentucky. Upon closer inspection, Paige learned that the device triggered her latent mutant ability to painlessly shed her epidermis, revealing a new personality and ability each time she does so. By turning the dial back to twelve a.m., Paige returns to her normal form. Paige would later go on to join Niles Cable's team of heroes, the X-Patrol, and take the code name Dial H For H.U.S.K. Her first mission was to defeat Dr. Doomsday at the siege of Latkovia. Subsequently, she would join X-Patrol on a mission to rescue Niles Cable from Brother Brood.

Powers And Abilities


Paige possesses the metamutant ability to shed her outer epidermis, revealing a new super-powered form, underneath. This ability works in conjunction with her dial device, and she cannot choose what form she will take. Experience has shown that the dial will choose the form that is most beneficial to the situation. 

Dial H.U.S.K. has exhibited the following forms:


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