Dial H for Hero

    Team » Dial H for Hero appears in 77 issues.

    Not exactly a team, but a group of different beings who held the H Dial that allowed them to transform into various superpowered creatures with unexpected results.

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    Silver Age team

    The Dial H for hero team era started when Robbi Reed dialed D-I-V-I-D-E, splitting himself in two different identities: the good Wizard and the evil Master. To stop his evil side, who was building an army of supervillians the Wizard built new H-dials for teenagers Vicky Grant and Chris King.. These dials--disguised as a watch and a necklace--only have the letters H-E-R-O on them, and work only for an hour, after which they will not work for another hour. King and Grant begin protecting Fairfax from a number of menaces.

    H.E.R.O. team

    Robbie Reed would return in the series H.E.R.O. recruiting previous users of other Dial H who had retain uncounsciously superpowers. Together they had to stop a serial killer who had founded the Dial and had gained Superman level superpowers. Another team used the dial to make Jackass-like stunts.

    Justice League team

    In the Silver Age event, the Justice League member changed bodies with the Injustice league members and were left without their powers. However with the help of Robbie Reed they used the Dial H to change to new superbeings to stop sucessfully their enemies.

    Dial H team

    Post new52, a new team of Dial user appeared in Dial H series. This time Nelson Jent, an overweight guy and an old woman called Manteau would join a series of bizarre characters as the Open window man to search the origin of the H-dials.

    Dial-E team

    A last team of dial user was seen in Villians month (september 2013) This time however it was a group of young delinquents who dialed E-V-I-L becoming different supervillians before they lost this evil version of the dial.


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