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Dial A For Awesome

Dial H Issue 5 was awesome :D

It's good to have Mateus Santoluco to do the art again

We got 2 transformations Dr.Wald transform into Hairbringer whose super power is having very long hair and the best transformation is Nelson transforms into CockaHoop a Chicken Hula Hoop man XD it's even more awesome than Iron Snail

The biggest surprise is that their is another dialer that can transform into heroes quickly and he killed Dr.Wald

This comic gets 5 stars

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    THE GOOD: Mateus Santolouco had done an amazing job this series and he's managed to do all the issues (except for #0) and his art is really top notch. The feeling it adds to this book is something that should not be over looked. The facial expressions are strong and the huge moments are amazing but they do not overshadow the smaller moments. The story is near perfect and we are finally getting a small arc is seems like in the New 52. We get to see Nelson Jent and Manteau work together. This seri...

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