Character » Diabolique appears in 17 issues.

    Diabolique is a demon-human hybrid. She has numerous magical powers & uses them to recruit new foster parents that she eventually kills.

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    Brief History

    Diane Bolick is a Half Human half Demon hybrid. While she appears to be a child she does not grow. She often carries around a familiar, in the form of a spider that he uses to do her dirty work. At one point she was involved with the darkholders (a cult that worphiped Chthon) as she was the adoptive daughter of Randolph Deguzman the leader of this cult. To strengthen the power of her familiar, the spider known as playmate she killed Deguzmans wife, and Deguzman shortly there after. She made a regular habit of being adopted and then killing her adoptive parents until This eventually brought her into conflict with the NYPD officer Michael Badilino and his secret identity Vengeance who destroyed Playmate, her spider Zoroaster. 
    Without her Familiar Diane Bolick ended up in a children's hospital powerless without her familiar to enhancer her powers. While in the care of the children's hospital Diane met Paranormal Law Enforcement officer, Rebecca Taylor. Mike Clemson, of the government agency the Conclave, and Reverend Nice eventually freed Diabolique, so that she may help them destroy Vengeance's reputation. To help Diabolique regain her powers Reverend Nice offered the life of his own wife, Wendy Sue, to Diabolique as material for the create of a new Playmate Familiar. Diabolique used her renewed power to confront Vengeance/Badilino and killed the hero’s girlfriend Rebecca with sympathetic magic. Diabolique framed Badilino for Rebecca’s death and disappeared.

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