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 Diablo wants to conquer mankind.
 Diablo wants to conquer mankind.

Diablo is an interdimensional traveller whose homeworld is in the fifth dimension. Diablo came to Earth to the Sierra Madre mountains to conquer the world. Diablo is very similar to Kraggoom, and the two may be of the same species, or from the same basic type of species in the same way that in the Marvel Universe there are different offshoots of genus Homo or at the very least hominids.

One key difference between Kraggoom and Diablo is that Diablo is a cretinous moron; fooled by a simple cigarette lighter being blown out into believing that all Earth people had the power to snuff out beings like him. Hm. Perhaps he is not a moron but had some other urgent reason to flee back to the fifth dimension. Both Kraggoom and Diablo first appear on Earth at roughly the same time- "centuries" ago according to Diablo, the sixteenth century AD for Kraggoom. 


Diablo was created by Jack Kirby in 1960 and first appeared in Tales of Suspense # 9.  

Mayor Story Arcs

The Hulk

 Diablo smothers the Hulk with his smoky body.
 Diablo smothers the Hulk with his smoky body.

Xemnu the Titan learned that Earth was visited by several alien beings that possessed various powers and abilities but the United States Government wanted to keep the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors top secret. Xemnu was able to make duplicates of some of these powerful creatures that included Diablo, Blip, Groot, Taboo and Goom where they were contained in gamma teleporters. Xemnu would unleash these deadly beings on one of his oldest foes, the Hulk. Diablo, the demon from the fifth dimension was the first to attack the Hulk. The gamma giant's punches would pass harmlessly through the smoky body of Diablo. The Hulk is caught in the powerful grip of Diablo and is smothered by the demon's body. Hulk gets weaker but manages to escape when he burrows underneath the ground to escape. The Hulk would disperse Diablo's body from the wind he created with several hand claps.  

Powers & Abilities

Diablo is a behemoth made out of smoke and possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Diablo is impervious to firearms and explosives because they pass harmlessly through his body. However, Diablo can physically touch and grab solid objects where he normally suffocates his opponents with his smoke.

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