Location » Dherain appears in 9 issues.

    A country on Earth Two. It has recently been taken over by Steppenwolf, after killing the former King Marov. The capital city of Dherain is St. Draemyre.

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    Earth 2

    During the war between Apokolips and Earth, the country of Dherain under King Marov aided the invasion forces of Apokolips. After the war was over, a treaty was signed that allowed it to close its borders rather than undergo the scrutiny of the World courts. Five years after the war, King Marvo welcomed Steppenwolf to his country but was soon betrayed and killed by the Apokoliptian general. Aided by Fury, he established himself as the new ruler of Dherain.

    Two weeks later, the World Army invaded Dherain however they were completely defeated by Steppenwolf and his forces. Hundreds of thousands of casualties were inflicted on the invaders, before a Brutaal betrayed Steppenwolf and took over his entire operation. By this time the entire nation of Dherain was either in ruins or on fire.

    Location: Dherain as being either in or adjacent to northeastern Italy, this region is where Italy, Austria and Slovenia meet.


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