Dhalua Strong

    Character » Dhalua Strong appears in 60 issues.

    Dhalua Strong is the wife of Tom Strong and fellow adventurer.

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    Dhalua Strong was born on the island of Attabar Teru. Where she met and fell in love with a young Tom Strong. Tom left the Island, but eventually came back and married Dhaula. The two moved to Millennium City where they are adventures and created a dynasty of science heroes.


    Dhalua has, strength, endurance, and agility of a woman who participates in vigorous physical activity. Her real "power"; however, is her exceptionally sharp Intellect and quick wit.


    The Goloka root, native to her home island, she's eaten has granted her with a increased life span. She's easily over 100 years. Yet retains the beauty, mind, and composition of a 30 year old.


    Dhalua and Tom have one child Tesla Strong. She's over 60 years old yet retains the body and youth of a teenager, either because of Dhalua or from ingesting the Goloka root. She also has sharp wit like her mother.


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