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    One of the inmates of the prison.

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    Having murdered his wife and her boyfriend, Dexter was sentenced to serve an undisclosed amount of time in prison.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

    Character Evolution

    Dexter begins seeming like a guy wanting to get along with Rick's group and welcoming their company. He feels some hostility and switches to wanting to be alone with the prison and attempts to forcefully removed Rick's group.

    Major Story Arcs

    Like most of the prisoners, Dexter is behind bars when the zombie outbreak starts. Many of the guards abandoned the prison. When some zombies got inside the rest of the guards let the inmates out. Dexter isn't sure if it was for their help in ridding the prison of the zombies or if it was simply because the guards didn't want the inmates to starve. Regardless, Dexter gets locked in the cafeteria with three other inmates to await a rescue crew. He spends a month or two with Andrew (his boyfriend), Axel, and Thomas. With no electricity, the men use the giant freezer as a bathroom and enjoy the huge stock of food left by the prison cooks. At the end of a month or two, Rick and Tyreese discover the men in the cafeteria when their group finds the prison.

    Butting Heads

    Upon introducing Rick's group to the inmates, Dexter takes Rick and Dale on a tour of the prison.The men stroll through the kitchen and see that there is plenty of food to last for a very long time. They next visit the gym. It is loaded with zombies and the men figure that they can inspect it later. Dexter then shows off the laundry and shower rooms. After visiting the garage, Dexter explains that they’ve only looked at the C-Block; A- and B-Block are sealed off and probably full of zombies. He also mentions that the administrative offices are in A-Block and that they’d probably find couches more comfortable than the prison beds.

    When Susie and Rachel are found with their heads cut off, Lori is quick to accuse Dexter of the crime. She and Dale lock Dexter in his cell. Once Rick returns from his zombie-Shane errand he confronts Dexter who is adamant that someone in Rick’s group is at fault – most likely Allen. Dexter then threatens Rick who opens the door to see if Dexter will really act on it. Dexter simply walks away and tells Rick to lock the door again.

    The Coup

    Andrew soon approaches and asks what he can do for Dexter. Dexter explains that he never mentioned that A-Block also held the prison’s riot gear and guns. Andrew assures his boyfriend that he can find a way to get the equipment. The group soon learns that Dexter is innocent when Thomas attempts to kill Andrea. Rick lets Dexter out.

    After the group takes care of Thomas, Dexter and Andrew spring into action. Fully loaded with guns, Dexter orders Rick and his group out of the prison. Before the group agrees to leave, Rick asks where they got their guns. Dexter explains that there is a cache in the A-Block. The group turns toward the building to see a horde of zombies emerge. They spring into action and begin fighting the zombies together. Rick even saves Dexter from a zombie, but Dexter says that it doesn’t mean a thing. Rick then takes it upon himself to “accidentally” shoot Dexter in the head during the confusion of the fight.


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