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    Dewshine is member of the Wolfrider tribe. She is a skilled huntress and storyteller, and has a talent for mimicking birdsong.

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    She is the daughter of Rillfisher (deceased) and Treestump, and is the cousin of Cutter. She is recognized to the glider Tyldak, and together they have a son, Windkin. She has two lifemates - her longtime mate Scouter, and his recognized lifemate, Tyleet. Together she helps them raise their son, Pool.

    Dewshine was one of the original 16 Wolfriders who fled the burning holt to wind up in Sorrow's End. She fought in the battle for the palace, and stayed in Sorrow's End when it was taken to the future. She chose to go into wrapstuff when Cutter and the other Wolfriders did, emerging 10,000 years later. She now travels with Ember's tribe, trying to kill of the warped creatures created by Winnowill.

    Recurring conflict with Gliders

    When Tyldak recognises Dewshine, he hears her soul name "LREE", and inadvertently speaks this out loud in the company of Winnowill. Because of this knowledge, Winnowill can cause pain using Dewshine's soulname (and does). Thus, Dewshine is perhaps tortured by the spirit-presence of the false-healer more than any other Wolfrider.

    Before the Wolfriders leave Blue Mountain, Dewshine becomes pregnant with Tyldak's child, Windkin. The Glider's leader, Lord Voll, had asked Tyldak and Dewshine to stop fighting the urge of Recognition (they are soul bonded but nonetheless find each other nearly alien, and are somewhat repulsed by their cultural differences). Voll points out the Gliders have not seen Recognition or children amongst their own for centuries. Tyldak and Dewshine mate and then part, Dewshine going to re-join her tribe and her lovemate, Scouter.

    In ElfQuest: Siege At Blue Mountain, Winnowill kidnaps Windkin, and begins to muster milk to breastfeed the child. Winnowill views Wolfriders as "tainted" and takes it upon herself to claim the child for the Gliders by using her healing abilities to remove the wolfblood from Windkin's body. Windkin is one of the only born-Wolfriders to now be wolfblood-free (Skywise had his removed as well so he could live forever in the stars)..

    Dewshine is traumatized by her experience of Recognition. Tyldak and Dewshine, once relieved of the mating urge of Recognition, decide to go their own ways. They and their tribes are too different and they find themselves not compatible. Dewshine has always said "Love is much more pleasant" and enjoys the choice of a mate instead of the force of Recognition. Her lovemate, Scouter, promises to raise Windkin as his own and she leaves Blue Mountain to be with him. When Scouter Recognizes Tyleet, they follow Wolfrider custom of becoming lifemates. However, Scouter has been lovemated to Dewshine since both were teenagers and loves her. Tyleet views Dewshine as a dear friend, so Scouter and Tyleet welcome Dewshine into their pairing and they become one of a few 3-way lifematings (along with Krim-Skot-Pike). Thusly, Dewshine is a second mother to Pool, the son born of her lifemates Recognition.


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