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    Character » Devos The Devastator appears in 51 issues.

    Devos the Devastator's sole responsibility is to eliminate every life form that has any prospect of ever waging war.

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    Devos the Devastator's sole responsibility is to eliminate every life form that has any prospect of ever waging war. He will exterminate any being, race or civilization for the sake of Galactic Peace. This warrior possesses a power suit with numerous capabilities and is well trained in hand-to-hand combat and various weapons. He first comes into conflict with members of the Fantastic Four when he captures their ship that was stranded in space. He places them in clear spheres for containment and then will assess if they are a threat to Galactic Peace. Susan Richards manages to escape and frees the rest of her teammates.

    Devos sees the powers of the Fantastic Four and deems them a threat. He engages them on his ship but is overpowered. His suit is heavily damaged during the fight and tries to repower his suit near a power grid on his ship. He is pushed through the power grid which incapacitates him for a brief moment. The ship starts a self destruct sequence to prevent its capture. Devos manages to escape with a smaller craft and leaves the Fantastic Four to perish.

    However the Fantastic Four survives and Devos the Devastator vows he will eliminate the superhuman team for Galactic Peace. Devos would reluctantly join forces with Paibok the Power Skrull to destroy the Fantastic Four. Paibok manages to bring Lyja back to life and use her as a pawn to torment Johnny Storm and the rest of the Fantastic Four. Lyja would defy Paibok's commands and reunite with Johnny and the Fantastic Four. However a female warrior named Huntara and Klaw would join forces with Paibok and Devos to destroy the Fantastic Four. Paibok and Devos manage to capture the Thing, Lyja, Susan Richards and Johnny Storm. They were transported to the Skrull Empire to face their punishment. Devos took this opportunity to betray Paibok and summoned his Death Cruiser to attack the Skrull Empire. Paibok was branded a traitor for bringing Devos to their location. Paibok and Devos engaged themselves in battle. Devos managed to escape and enter his Death Cruiser. Paibok shapeshifted into a flying alien bird and infiltrated the Death Cruiser. Paibok managed to sabatoge the Cruiser's stardrive beyond repair and both men were catapulted into sub-space.  

    His planet was ravaged by raiders when he was a child and had to survive on his own. One day a military fleet came to his planet and these soldiers claimed him and trained him to be one of their own. Devos became one of the best soldiers and was an efficient killing machine. He was chosen for a great experiment by a female scientist named Symka. It was her dream to create the ultimate soldier. She transformed Devos and altered his genetic structure. Devos became the consumate weapon of devastation and would be this warrior dedicated toward Galactic Peace. A peace which can only be achieved by the destruction of every race capable of waging war.

    Powers and Abilities:
    Devos is an ultimate soldier who is well trained in hand-to-hand combat and carries a number of weapons on his power suit. His suit grants him superhuman durability and strength.


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