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Devon is the lover and second-in-command of Temblor, a minor villain in the Mantra series.

In Mantra #23, an earthquake provided Temblor and his soldiers with a pretext to round up a number of citizens in holding facilities. The plan was to hold them as hostages, and when one of the men defended himself, Devon shot and presumably killed him.

As soon as Mantra intervened, Devon called on the soldiers to use flame-throwers, but to no avail. When the soldiers lay defeated, Mantra was attacked by their leader Temblor and knocked unconscious. Later on, Mantra is tied up in a shed when Temblor and Devon visit her. When Mantra refuses to reveal her secrets, Temblor orders Devon to have her sedated, which Devon says she’ll gladly do herself.

Mantra struggles to escape her bonds, and just as she has freed herself Devon returns with a sedative. Surprised by Mantra’s escape, Devon reaches for her gun but fails to reach it before Mantra slams into her. Devon falls to the ground, and breaks her neck on a wooden bench which kills her instantly. Mantra then strips Devon of her clothes and puts them on. By impersonating Devon, Mantra sets out to rescue the hostages.

At some point Temblor discovers Devon’s body, and he is then shown holding her in his arms as he angrily accuses Mantra of killing his lover. In the ensuing fight, Temblor is attacked by the citizens he planned to hold hostage.

What happens to Temblor and Devon’s body is unknown.


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