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    Homosexual bodybuilding florist, exorcist and vampire!

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    Devlin Waugh was 2000AD's attempt to create a new breed of comic book hero created in the shadow of their own previous and highly popular "tough guys fighting for justice." Created in the early '90's by writer John Smith (whose proposal pitched Waugh as a cross between British convict Charles Bronson and playwrite Noel Coward) and artist Sean Phillips (who then visually aimed to cross Arnold Schwarzenegger and classic camp comedy actor Terry Thomas), Devlin Waugh was originally to be named Dirk Devlin and his publication to be named 'Sin Eater.'


    Born somewhere around 2075, Devlin Waugh was born to actress Stella Waugh and Egyptologist Magnus Waugh and has a brother, Freddy, a professional gambler and pornographer who sold his soul to the devil. He was schooled by nuns and later continued to Eton College where he practiced the occult, where he would lose his virginity to a humunculous; a form of demon. As a result of heavy bullying (and poltergeist activity) he became such a physical wreck that his father sent him to learn his fighting techniques with the time-travelling Kem-Kwon Monastery.

    Professionally he became a priest and then exorcist for the future Vatican City until later going freelance and becoming a wealthy celebrity for his exploits. He enjoys bodybuilding and floristry!

    Defining Story Arc

    Swimming In Blood

    Written for 2000AD in 1992. Sent to underwater prison Aquatraz, Devlin expects to find demons to exorcise when he is called to investigate what the psychics have fortold, only to find that a vampire plague is about to paint the place red. Devlin eventually goes toe to toe with the head vampire, only to be infected with the plague and it is only through this later that he finds the strength to overcome the horde and its leader. Devlin existed as a daywalker vampire from this moment on and although fans raved about this new 2000AD hero, he didn't go on to better things and the comic character was plagued with production problems, which saw him coming and going unsuccessfully for the next seven years.


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