Character » Devin appears in 6 issues.

    Devin was a Coda assassin sent to capture Voodoo. Her face was scarred after she was caught in an explosion she set off.

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    Major Story Arcs


    In a possibly alternate timeline, Devin took command of the Coda after rogue members nearly wiped them out. Having been believed to be dead already, Devin's obscurity allowed her to survive. Following Armageddon, survival of the Coda required Devin to take in more members, even less qualified ones who merely sought the safety the sisterhood could provide. Women became warriors, while men were kept only for breeding purposes if they showed potential.

    Devin's forces eventually came across the members of Gen 13 and launched a surprise attack where they captured Freefall, Rainmaker, and Caitlin Fairchild. Burnout and Grunge managed to escape thanks to the former playing possum. Together with a time-displaced Caitlin from the past however, the boys assaulted the Codatown headquarters to rescue their friends. Devin and her forces proved to be a formidable obstacle for Gen 13, but once the entire team had reunited the young meta-humans proved to be more powerful than the Coda could handle. Unwilling to allow her kingdom to be destroyed, Devin offered to negotiate. The past Caitlin demanded that Gen 13 and any other prisoners be released from the Coda, and that the Coda would swear not to pursue Gen 13 afterwards. Begrudgingly, Devin accepted the terms, but warned Gen 13 not to cross her path again.


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