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    Devin Grayson is a comic book writer best known for her runs on Gotham Knights, Nightwing and the Titans.

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    Devin Kalile Grayson was born under another name, but legally changed her name almost two decades ago for personal reasons. She is openly bisexual, and has won the GLAAD Outstanding Comic Book Award in 2001. In both 1999 and 2000, Comics Buyers' Guide nominated her for Best Writer. She has Type I Diabetes.

    Devin Grayson's first published story was a 10-page story entitled "Like Riding a Bicycle" in Batman Chronicles #7. Following an overwhelmingly positive reception by fans, she was given the Nightwing Annual #1 and Catwoman Annual #4. After these were published, she was a co-writer of No Man's Land, writing eleven issues of the event. Her work on here lead to a position as the ongoing Catwoman writer, which she held for nineteen issues. Temporarily leaving Gotham, Grayson wrote the JLA/Titans miniseries, leading into an ongoing Titans series, of which she wrote the first twenty issues. Dennis O'Neil , impressed by her work, asked her what she would write about if she were given a Batman title. Grayson said she'd write about the Batman family, which lead to the launch of the critically-acclaimed "Batman: Gotham Knights" series. After writing the first 32 issues, Grayson left to write Nightwing, writing 42 issues of the series, and inventing the supporting characters Tarantula and Gannon Malloy.

    Outside of DC, Grayson has written the creator owned series Relative Heroes, User, and Matador. She wrote the first "Black Widow" miniseries, which introduced Yelena Belova, as well as "Black Widow: Break Down" and "Ghost Rider: The Hammer Lane" for Marvel Knights. She also wrote the X-Men: Evolution series for eight issues, before it was abruptly canceled due to low sales. Novels she has written include Smallville: City, Batman: Rise of the Sun Tzu, and DC Universe: Inheritance. An essay titled "Sidekicks," addressing her thoughts on being a woman in the comic industry, was published in She's Such a Geek!: Women Write About Science, Technology, & Other Nerdy Stuff.

    Devin Grayson was supposed to launch a new Batwoman series. However, this project was canceled without notifying her; she found out from a newspaper article.

    Grayson did maintain a web presence at, but this site is inactive, the domain for sale. Currently, she works in the video game industry.


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