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    Devilman is a result of the merging between world's strongest demon Amon and cowardly teenager Akira Fudou. With the body of a demon and the mind and soul of a human; Devilman fights for the human race against the once dominant demon race.

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    Concept and creation

    The manga series Devilman has evolved from Japanese author Go Nagai's previous work "Demon Lord Dante" when Go wanted to turn Dante into a television series but the producers wanted to have a more toned down version and an anti-hero with a more human like appearance to be more appealing to the audience. And thus the popular anime series Devilman was born lasting 39 episodes and along with the television show a manga was created lasting five volumes. With it's extreme violence and occult horror elements it became an instant hit.


    Akira Fudou was a very cowardly teenager who would rather avoid any kind of conflict. One day he is approached by an old friend named Ryo Asuka and is driven to his house where he finds out the existence of demons and they are waking up from hibernation wanting to take back the world. Ryo, shortly after an attack by demons, rushes Akira to a sabbath saying it's possible to become possessed by a demon and still be in control but first must attract demons by performing a demon summoning ritual which happens to be the sabbath they are at. When Ryo spilled the blood of several people in the sabbath; people left and right became the hosts to several demonic creatures, Akira became the host of the world's strongest demon Amon, Ryo's experiment was a success and Devilman came to be. After slaughtering every demon in the sabbath; the now more sadistic and aggressive Akira and Ryo together battle the demonic forces and protect humankind. Throughout his career as a superhero he fought many foes including Sirene the demon bird and Jinmen the giant demon turtle. At the end of the story he finds out that Ryo is actually Satan in a dormant state, in the final battle the earth was destroyed by the power of both demons and Devilman dies in the hands of Satan.


    Devilman anime

    In 1972 Devilman was a 39 episode anime but had a lot of differences including:

    • Akira and his father was killed by the demon while on their trip in the Himalayas and Akira's body was chosen as Devilman's disguise.
    • Devilman was evil but decided to become a good guy because he fell in love with Akira's girlfriend Miki Makimura and wanted to protect her from the other demons.
    • Ryo made no appearance in this show.
    • The violence was extremely toned down.

    Crossover movie

    In 1973 a movie featuring a crossover between Devilman and Go's other anime Mazinger Z; the plot of the movie has Devilman and Mazinger Z fight Z's nemesis Dr. Hell


    Devilman was featured in three OVAs including:

    • Devilman Akira: Birth edition is a true adaption of the manga being almost completely true to the manga.
    • Devilman: Demon Bird Sirene is a continuation of the previous.
    • Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman depicts Devilman's inner battle with the demon Amon inside of him it takes place before the battle with Satan. The battle didn't take place in the manga.

    Live action movie

    In 2004 the manga was adapted into a live action movie.


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