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A gigantic and monstrous, specially bred Atlantean warrior, Devilfish was awakened by Aquaman as muscle for his own Justice League of Atlantis during the invasion of the Plura intelligence.


Devilfish was created by Len Kaminski and Javier Saltares. His first appearance was in Justice Leagues: Justice League of Atlantis #1.

Major Story Arcs

Justice Leagues: Justice League of Atlantis

During the time that the JLA was manipulated into splitting and forgetting by the Advance Man, Aquaman discovered some alien technological structures on islands in the ocean and in response he created the Justice League of Atlantis to confront the problem.

Following advice by Arion he awakened Devilfish, who at first, gladly joined the team. During their scouting mission though the team didn't follow the plan and charged to the alien tower completley obliterating it without finding out who is responsible.

Devilfish shortly after left the team, saying he wanted to follow someone who would provide constant chance for battle.

Justice Leagues: JLA

It's revealed that Devilfish had joined the Advance Man and his mission was to protect the Advance Man's client Plura while she was preparing on the bottom of the ocean.

The reawakened JLA though confronted them and defeated them, thus ending their plans for world domination.

Powers & Abilities

Devilfish is an ancient special breed of Atlantean berserker warrior and possesses a very high degree of physical power. He is gigantic and his lower body concludes to a tale, suited for life underwater.

Superhuman Strength / Berserker Strength

Devilfish possesses extreme superhuman strength. Arion says he possesses brute strength that surpasses imagining and he can be seen tearing apart a huge alien tower with his bare hands as if it was nothing. He can also casually take out a cyborg orca whale with one hit.

His strength increases even more when he is enraged.

Superhuman Durability

He has superhuman durability allowing him to take energy blasts directly without stopping him.

Enhanced Speed (Swimming)

He can swim at superhuman speeds, like all the members of JLAtlantis.

Enhanced Sences

He can see in darkness and at the bottom of the ocean. His smell is also superhuman.

Underwater Adaptation

He can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep. He can also breath out of water.


He possesses claws in his hands strong enough to tear through the flesh and metalic parts of a cyborg or an alien structure.


He has lived since the days of ancient Atlantis.

Trained Warrior

Devilfish was bred for battle and is a special type of Atlantean Warrior, fighting with his bare hands and claws, usually ripping through his target.


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