Devil Ray

    Character » Devil Ray appears in 7 issues.

    Devil Ray is Black Manta's rival and former henchman.

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    Justice League Unlimited

    Devil Ray in Justice League Unlimited
    Devil Ray in Justice League Unlimited

    Devil Ray made his first appearance in Justice League Unlimited Season 3 (cameo in "I Am Legion", and then a full appearance in "To Another Shore") on September 17th 2005. Originally, Black Manta was set to appear in the show, but according to Dwayne McDuffie the character was changed to Devil Ray because the character rights of Aquaman characters weren't available at the time because they were being used for an Aquaman TV pilot (Mercy Reef).

    Devil Ray is a member of Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom. He primarily became an enemy of Wonder Woman. He was part of a team sanctioned to retrieve the body of the Viking Prince. Then, he appeared as part of a strike team at Nanda Parbat, where he attacked Deadman's mentor. Devil Ray was also part of Grodd's army against Gorilla City. He was shot and then electrocuted by Deadman, who took possession of Batman's body. Voiced by Michael Beach.

    Comic Books

    Black Manta

    Devil Ray officially makes his comic book debut in the DC Universe in Black Manta.

    In his official comic book origin story, Devil Ray idolized Black Manta ever since he witnessed the villain fighting Aquaman at a young age. Believing in Manta's mission to end systemic oppression across the globe, he studied, trained to fight, learned secrets from A.R.G.U.S. and elements of magic before eventually joining the Manta Men. However, Devil Ray grew to hate his boss for turning on his own ideals to fight his endless war with Aquaman.

    Devi Ray is going after Black Manta to forge a weapon made of orichalcum, an ancient material that both have been investigating.


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