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    Long ago the Gods were born from the light of the cosmos and reveled in creation. They never took dominion over any of their creations but simply moved on to create something new when the current was completed. One became discontent with simply creating and sought recognition for his deeds. His name was Bala.

    After the creation of man, Bala came to earth as a man in order to rule as a god amongst men, but in taking the form of man his body was deformed into a man-bat. Bala used his power, and those few gods he could persuade to join him, to enslave the human race becoming known as the Dread Lord.

    Upon learning of Bala's deeds, the Pure Gods tried to persuade and eventually attacked him, but were no match for his overwhelming power gained from the worship of men. Those men that eventually rebelled against Bala and aligned themselves with the Pure Gods became known as the Durapasya, the Warriors of Light.

    Upon realizing that they were individually no match for Bala's power they all sacrificed a part of their divine power and used it to create a single divine entity, and named her Devi. Though they did not grant this being an immortal form, for they were frightened of being betrayed again as with Bala. Instead they gave the Durapasya the power to infuse the Devi entity into a human host in order to create an avatar of Divine power. (paraphrased from Virgin Comics issue #0)

    This is the story of Tara Mehta, and her voyage from a life as a social worker to becoming the Devi entity. However, she is a new kind of Devi, one that must fight inner battles as well as those against Lord Bala without.

    Created by Shekhar Kapur as one of the Shakti titles.

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