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    Devi is the divine entity created to defeat Lord Bala by the Pure Gods. Though divine she is not immortal and must be born into a human host.

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    The Devi a celestial warrior Goddess created as a means to defeat the evil renegade God Lord Bala in the second century of man by the Pure Gods who were unable to defeat him themselves. Thus, each of the Gods sacrificed a bit of their divine power and used it to create a single divine entity. Though due to their fear of betrayal as with Bala she was not granted immortality. As such, the Durapasya, the warriors of light, who were the followers of the Pure Gods were given the rites to infuse the Devi entity into a human host. Whenever Bala rises again to threaten the universe, Devi was reborn within the body of a human host.


    Devi was created by acclaimed filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and stories written by Siddharth Kotian and Samit Basu. Art rendered by Mukesh Singh, Aditya Chari and Saumin Patel. Some of the Devi comic book covers were by Alex Ross.

    Character Evolution


    Isana, the first Devi, succeeded in defeating Lord Bala when she led an army of the Durapasya (human warriors of light) in attack on Bala's fortress. Blinding him in the process Bala was taken and imprisoned in the a fiery prison deep within the earth. This did not sit well with her though as she wished Bohda, king of the Gods, would have allowed her to finish the job. She was worried of Bala's continued treachery should he escape. Devi chose to renounce her powers in a means to create a source to channel prayers to the Gods so as to replenish their power that was drained in the great war. The key to Bala's prison was entrusted to a creature of fire and stone called the Gatekeeper.

    Tara Mehta

    In the present day, Tara Mehta was chosen to be the next Devi. She is a social worker that was dating a crime boss named Iyam, who was also Bala's most trusted general. Kidnapped by the Durapasya one night on her way home from Iyam's club she is thrust into the ceremony of infusing the Devi. Injected with soma, the nectar of the Gods, she begins a journey that causes her to see all possible incarnations (past, future, and possible) of herself such that she may say goodbye to all. Isana then greets and explains what the Devi is and takes Tara to be blessed by the Gods. After receiving gifts from all Tara is reborn, not as the Devi, but with the Devi.

    The ceremony is supposed to culminate in the death of the host body which allows for the Devi entity to be born into it unhindered. However, due to an interruption in the ceremony by an attempted assassination by Iyam and Kratha: and from the efforts of Agantuk, a Durapasya that believes what is needed in the current age is a more human Devi: Tara was not killed and thus she now coexists with the Devi entity.

    Confused and scared, Tara/Devi rescues Rahul and leaves the Durapasya stronghold. Tara awakes in Rahul's apartment a month later and doesn't remember anything. Rahul explains that he hid her in the morgue where she was unconscious for that time causing strange things to happen, and that he brought her to his apartment just the day before. During this discussion, Tara and Rahul are transported by the prayers of a local woman being attacked and become after Tara is not able to call on her powers the Devi entity takes control of her and defeats the attackers.

    Devi professes that she has never felt this way before, never been as passionate. And, upon being returned to Rahul's apartment, Tara states that she was conscious of all Devi's actions and "can't do this" before stating that she has to leave.

    Tara is a new kind of Devi that has not been seen before. No one knows what to expect of her, and Tara/Devi must work together and learn how to coexist.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Skill with every weapon ever dreamed by mortal or God, strength of the Myrmidons united, unparalleled knowledge of strategy in battle and always appear in battle, when most needed' - from Mars, the war God.
    • Loves bane: never the victim of love, lust, passion, or desire: set all men's hearts afire: wanted by those of whom she must kill - from Kama, the love God.
    • Light that fears no shadow, burning the sinful and strengthening the righteous, annihilating darkness in all forms - from Ra, the God of the sun.
    • Unending wealth, labour, and capital even under adverse conditions- from Kapital, the wealth God.
    • Perfect PR, killer charisma, terrific trps, and the coolest catchphrases' - from Interface, messenger of the Gods.
    • No remorse for those that must be killed, calm, and forgiveness - from Oblivion, the death God.
    • Flight, lightning, and his blessing - from Bodha, king of the Gods.

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