Deunan Knute

    Character » Deunan Knute appears in 40 issues.

    The main protagonist from the science fiction manga, Appleseed.

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    Born to Carl and Dr. Gilliam Knute in the year 2105, Deunan Knute was raised up knowing how to pretty much take care of herself in almost any situation, going through constant training with her father.  By the time she reached the age of 17 she entered the Police Academy, and was quickly made a member of the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team just two years after that becoming a specialist in weapon handling, explosive devices manipulations, hand to hand combat, and an excellent landmate pilot. This was mostly thanks to her being a superb athlete with an unparalleled reaction time, reflexes and sharp vision.

    Then in the year 2125, at the age of Twenty, World War V unleashed upon the world. Deunan and, her SWAT teammate and lover at the time, Briareos Hecatonchries left Los Angeles and lived in the ruins of “Badside” where they were eventually found by Hitomi (A solider retrieval expert), and was forced back to Olympus.
    Because of the way she was brought up, Deunan ended up joining ESWAT (Extra-Special Weapons and Advanced Tactics), which was the anti-terrorist armed forces of the city along with Briareos.


    Even though Deunan joined SWAT and even went as far as joining ESWAT, it was said by Masamune Shirow that, "

    she didn’t get involved with ESWAT because she has some strong sense of justice or has a particular desire to fight.”

     Also Deunan is always armed, either with a pistol or having multiple knives, she always has something in hand that she can use to kill with and if face to face with danger, and she never hesitates to draw her weapon of choice. However, she never attacks first,  always making her killing(if she kills) in self defense. The reason of her being like this is because she has trust issues thanks to her upbringing  by her father, she was taught to trust no one, and the one’s she does trust, are just a very selected few, including Briareos.

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