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Detroit Steel is a human-piloted mech suit created by Hammer Industries to be sold with the goal of protecting corporate interests. The Hammer girls Sasha Hammer and Justine Hammer use Detroit Steel to fill in the gap in the military industry left by the demise of Stark Industries. He is deployed in a fake terrorist attack in Tokyo organized by the Hammer girls to come out victorious and show off Iron Man and War Machine who arrive later at the attack site.   


Detroit Steel was created by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca in 2010 and first appeared in Invincible Iron Man # 25. 

Mayor Story Arcs

Fear Itself

 Detroit Steel arrives at the Tokyo
 Detroit Steel arrives at the Tokyo "attack"-site
Detroit Steel would assist Iron Man during his fight with Mokk, Breaker of Faith in Paris. Starks tells Johnson to leave but the hotheaded mech-pilot pours on the assault with artillery fire. Mokk gets close enough to rip through Detroit Steel's armor and turn Johnson into stone. His death allowed Iron Man the opportunity to get in close and slice off the top portion of Mokk's head with an energy saber. 

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