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Detritus was created by Teen Titans writer Scott Lobdell.

Major Story Arcs

Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight

For more information see: Teen Titans: It's Our Right to Fight

A pile of scrap metal that somehow gained sentience and mobility, Detritus first encountered Red Robin while he, Bunker, and Skitter were traveling by train. Detritus was controlling a town that the train was passing through and he used his mental powers to make Red Robin forget and move along without troubling him any further.


He later appears in Superboy, attacking the city to feed and add more to his 'collective.' He came into conflict with Superboy and Bunker, and he attempted to absorb the former and add his power to the collective. Superboy deconstructed him down to his essential part and reached out to him, but Detritus attempted to killed him. His attempt failed and Superboy launched him into the river, and he has not been seen since though his demise wasn't confirmed.


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