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The Good: The sens of humor drips right off of the show. Lack of music and motion aside, I felt like I was sitting here watching an episode of the show. It loses absolutely none of it's integrity by changing mediums and that's pretty amazing. 
For $3.99, I actually felt like I got my money's worth. This felt like a pretty thick comic to hold and the dialogue keeps it feeling noticeably longer than most comics. 
Pretty much everybody was written completely in character, making the dialogue roll right off your brain with the correct voices. 
The art looks better than in Dethklok Vs. The Goon. Everyone's faces looked deformed in that, but here everything looks a lot better. A few of them have some odd faces, Nathan pretty much all the time, and sometimes Pickles, but overall it looks good. 
Even the song at the end didn't feel annoying. It might just be me but I was able to put a tune in my mind quite easily, the lyrics were definitely well written. 
The Bad: Dr. Rockso was a bit off. He kept using his traditionional Ka-ka-(insert rest of sentance). Just a bit too much. Also his appearance fulfilled a nice brick joke but other wise had no significance to the overall story. 
A good enjoyable story but nothing special.  
While it does a good job of demonstrating it clearly retains the same continuity as the show, it almost chokes you with it. They make just a few too many direct references to previous events and statements. At some point I sat back and just thought, "Ok, I get it. This is the same as the show. Move on already and stop holding yourself back with everyone going 'remember this? Remember that?"
In Conclusion: 4/5 
If you like the show, I think you'll like this comic. It flows in exactly the same way as a regular Season 2 episode. It's not as awesome as season 3, but it's nice to be able to get more stories the show doesn't have the production time for.

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