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    Dapper partner of Detective Inspector LeBrock.

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    Ratzi was born into wealth to a successful Italian businessman and an English aristocrat. Growing up, he had everything that he ever wanted, and all the comforts that money could buy were afforded to him. But that still wasn’t enough for him.

    Seeing how both of his parents had made their fortunes by working for the benefit of others, Roderick himself decided to contribute to society. And so he began to amuse himself by dabbling in police work. Finding the challenge of it fascinating and the aspect of helping to eradicate crime beneficial to others, Ratzi applied for work at Scotland Yard. His prestigious position as the son of an aristocrat and industry baron landed him a job almost without any screening, but it was his abilities as a policeman that made him a valuable asset to the fight against the London gangs.

    One day, he crossed paths with the newly appointed detective, Archibald LeBrock, and found that their styles of detection and knowledge of criminology were very much in sync. Seeing how well the two got on, they were made partners, and the rest is history.


    Detective Ratzi’s was created by Bryan Talbot as a character in 'Grandville.' His entire character was based on another famous detective from literature. While his partner, Archie LeBrock, was heavily inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Ratzi was inspired more by Dorothy L. Sayers’ character, Lord Peter Wimsey. This was done as a way of differentiating him from the roughshod LeBrock by portraying Ratzi in a more refined and elegant manner.

    Also in order to make him different from LeBrock, who is a towering muscular badger, Ratzi was made a rat so that he could appear physically different from his partner and have his own identity as a character even further.

    Character Evolution


    His uppercrust upbringing has made quite the impression on him, and he carries it with him wherever he goes. Even when faced with a gang of armed men, Ratzi remains polite, genteel, elegant and assertive. Yet he is not afraid to get his hands dirty if he truly must. And even then, he will always give his enemies a sporting chance before he fights them off, almost always taking them alive in the end. This is done as a way of not stooping to their level.

    As a detective, Ratzi takes his job very seriously, even though he does it simply for the fun of it. Whatever case comes his way, Ratzi will make the time to take it on, especially where it concerns threats that may one day reach his wife and (many) children. At his heart, he is a family man who spends as much time as he possibly can with his wife, children and father (affectionately nicknamed Papa Ratzi).

    Towards LeBrock, Ratzi is the brother that he never had. Wherever LeBrock doubts himself or thinks he may have failed, Ratzi is the one who often redirects his woes and gives him the surge of inspiration that he needs in order to solve a case, no matter how baffling it may be.


    Much like the character that he was based on, Ratzi always appears wearing fine clothes to flaunt his upper class status. Most of the time, he is seen wearing three-piece suits that bear vibrant colors, ranging from powder blue to stark white to charcoal gray. However, his most prominent outfit is the one that he wears as a detective, being a yellow suit and bowtie with a green duster and a pork pie hat. Along with all of his outfits, Ratzi always wears his signature monocle, and carries his walking stick, which doubles as a gun.

    Major Story Arcs


    Detective Ratzi makes his grand debut while assisting Detective LeBrock on a suicide investigation in the town of Nutwood. True to LeBrock’s suspicion, Ratzi found signs of forced entry in the home of the deceased when he went to investigate the back wall. Such evidence corroborates with LeBrock’s suspicions about the victim’s death being a murder staged to look like a suicide. And as the trail to the perpetrators is still hot, Ratzi begins his very first visit to Paris in his entire life.

    Upon visiting, Ratzi is shocked and amazed at how advanced France is compared to his modest home of England. Most of all, he’s surprised by the existence of humans; creatures that don’t exist in England, due to them not being allowed to own passports. And while Archie sets up their base of operations in their hotel room, Ratzi does some investigating of his own to establish any perimeters or potential threats that may approach before the two of them continue their investigation.

    Their next lead takes them to one of Paris’ most famous dinner theaters, where Ratzi spots a witness that was involved with the deceased. While he allows LeBrock time alone to interview her, he is called back into action when it is learned that someone else involved in the case’s life is in danger. And so, the two detectives apprehend the assailants of the other involved party, but only end up with a vague clue of what to do next.

    The next day, Ratzi is given task of investigating the newspaper archives to try and find anything that may relate to the case that they are working on. By the time that he regroups with LeBrock, he only has more questions than answers. And anything that had been answered leads to a dead end. However, there is one that strikes Ratzi as being quite conspicuous. There had been another recent suicide by an eminent scientist. One that eerily resembles the staged suicide of the initial murder victim. And so Ratzi goes to interview the family of the deceased in order to learn more.

    Using what he has learned from the dull and tedious interview, Ratzi leads the investigation to the abandoned laboratory of the deceased scientist. And with his particular skills, Ratzi leads the way to break in as well. Based on what is found there, Ratzi takes the one scrap of useful evidence to the one place where it can be used to help him and LeBrock crack the case. And crack it they do as they discover the identities of the perpetrators.

    After capturing one of them and learning of a secret plot that could sent both England and France into eternal turmoil, a distress call is sent by one of their contacts in Paris. And in the midst of a rescue attempt, Ratzi is taken out of the investigation by a severe blow to the head. By the end, it’s Ratzi who closes out the story when LeBrock visits him in the hospital to convey his feelings about the outcome of the investigation.

    Mon Amour

    Just as he had closed the previous story, Ratzi opens this one. Six weeks after the events of the first book, Ratzi is walking to the home of his partner and good friend, Archie LeBrock. Having been concerned about LeBrock’s self-imposed exile from the police force, Ratzi takes it upon himself to pull his friend out of his self-pitying stupor. And with some medicine consisting of black coffee with aspirin, a full English breakfast, a game of chess, solid straight-talk, and sending LeBrock to his first shower in weeks, Ratzi tells LeBrock what he had been meaning to now that he’s back in fighting shape. One of his old enemies has escaped from prison. The mass murderer, Edouard ‘Mad Dog’ Mastock.

    Once LeBrock sorts things out with his superiors at the police station, Ratzi assists him to the funeral of one of the guards who was keeping watch on Mastock during his time in prison. What is learned at the funeral after speaking with some of the people involved in the ceremony is that a conspiracy may have been in the works to arrange for Mastock’s escape. And a fortuitous nearby newspaper headline leads the two detectives back to Paris.

    On the train ride over, Ratzi offers his own perspective on the murders that have already been committed as a news report relays yet another murder that has only just happened. Their first lead takes them to the working place of the murder victims, where Ratzi assists in interrogating the boss of the brothel that they all worked at. After their talk with her, Ratzi helps to interview another one of the girls who was friends with the murder victims. According to the prostitute, named Billie, there were not three girls who have been targeted, but five. Taking the lead, Ratzi and LeBrock head to the address of the two remaining girls.

    They arrive too late, finding the last of the girls already dying. But with her last breath, the girl offers a clue. Ratzi examines her locket, and finds that contains an unusual piece of paper. And immediately afterward, he and LeBrock manage to ambush Mastock, and Ratzi takes a vicious spray of mace in his eyes. Mastock escapes, and as LeBrock is arrested for suspicion of murder, Ratzi manages to avoid detection and continues the investigation.

    Using the clue that he had managed to escape with, Razti is able to discover what it is that he is looking for, but not without having to dodge a few pitfalls and rough up a few thugs along the way. And in time, he returns to LeBrock with his prize in hand. Along his search, he had stopped by the newspaper archives to identify a man who had died in relation to the murder investigation. Between the two vital clues that Ratzi had discovered, the next step becomes obvious. After discovering where the clue leads them, Ratzi helps to piece together the seemingly disparate clues to create a clearer picture.

    Just as the case is close to solved, a call from Mastock calls LeBrock into action. Ratzi acts as backup by following a trail left by him, along with a team of local police officers. And once Mastock is defeated once and for all, Ratzi accompanies LeBrock back to England. There, they plan to corner the mastermind of the entire conspiracy. Ratzi leads the chase to catch the culprit, before LeBrock delivers him to justice.

    The case is closed, and Ratzi goes with LeBrock back to Paris one more time to aid him through the mourning of his lost love.

    Bête Noir

    On just another day at the police station, Ratzi was in the middle of a review of coded signals that he had created in conjunction with LeBrock. After messing up one signal that could never seem to remember, the two officers are visited by their new brigadier and the stations resident gadget man to receive new equipment. Shortly after a visit from them, Ratzi and LeBrock are visited by a friend of theirs from Paris, who says that he has a murder case for them to assist him with.

    At the crime scene, Ratzi assists in the investigation, finding only the obvious signs of a struggle, but finds no details of who, why or how the murder was committed. After asking a few questions about certain details of the murder victim, Ratzi is told that the victim was an artist and is shown his plans for a grand mural that he was commissioned to complete. Without any obvious clues to the crime, Ratzi goes to mingle among other artists who may have worked with the victim.

    It takes only a short round of inquiries about town to learn where all of the artists hang out. And so, Ratzi thrusts himself into a den of bitter bohemians and irate auteurs. Though not an artist himself, Ratzi quickly connects with them all, and learns valuable information from them. The reason that all of these artists are suddenly destitute is that their patrons have decided to opt for avant-garde art. More importantly, Ratzi learns that the murder victim he’s investigating was certainly unpopular and had many a detractor who wished to see him dead.

    Later that evening, Ratzi regroups with LeBrock to share notes. Neither has come up with anything solid and the case seems to be a dead end. However, Ratzi mentions something that helps to piece together things for LeBrock, and the two return to the Parisian police station to solve how the murder was committed. And then after sharing what he has learned with the Parisian chief, they all are informed of another murder. At the scene, an unusual symbol is discovered to be painted on the floor, and Ratzi is tasked with discovering its meaning.

    On that same evening at an art showing that LeBrock had gotten them all into, Ratzi has learned next to nothing about the meaning of the strange symbol. Only that it looks vaguely similar to certain other well-known runes. Later, as he is pulled aside by Billie, Ratzi lets slip about LeBrock’s previous paramour and his previous marriage, leading to a misunderstanding. But there’s no time to explain things as he must assist LeBrock in apprehending the suspected murderer just as he strikes.

    The killer has escaped. With nothing that they can do about it, Ratzi and LeBrock pick up the investigation the next morning, only to find themselves in the middle of a protest rally. Just as the rally swallows up the streets, the murderer is seen. Ratzi is the one who corners the killer, but things become complicated when he takes a hostage. Through the impeccable teamwork of the two detectives, the killer is taken down. With the identity of the killer known and who his connections are, the case is underway.

    Before going to make an official statement of the case’s findings, Ratzi assists LeBrock in intruding the brothel where Billie works so that the situation with LeBrock’s family may be explained. Ratzi stands guard as LeBrock goes to sort things out. But during his vigil, the streets of Paris are suddenly overwhelmed by automated soldiers in a staged coup. LeBrock tells Ratzi to escort Billie to safety, but as they are trying to find a safe place, they are ambushed by a gang of looters. As they escape, they change their plans and go instead to City Hall, into the thick of battle.

    Shortly after arriving at the frontline, Ratzi equips himself with the proper gear, and quickly discovers the weaknesses of the automatons. Except such a weakness is only able to be hit by an exceptional shot like himself, making him a one rat line of defense. Just as things seem their worst, the automatons shut down. As soon as things settle down and the mastermind behind the coup is brought to justice, Ratzi decides that as long as he’s in Paris, he may as well do a little bit of Christmas shopping for his family.


    Ratzi makes his smallest appearance in Noël, which opens with him announcing the newly fallen snow and calling for a white Christmas. After suggesting to LeBrock that he have Billie over for Christmas, Ratzi finds that he must be off to visit his in-laws in Wessex, effectively taking him out of the story and leaving LeBrock on his own.

    By the end of the story, Ratzi reappears to host his Christmas party with his family, and is present as LeBrock proposes to Billie.

    Force Majeur

    The morning after a mass murder has been committed, Ratzi is called by LeBrock to assist in the investigation. A brief look around yields some valuable clues, but it’s only shortly after that Ratzi must try to keep his partner from trying to jump an old enemy of his. And a later investigation of another murder leads the detectives to suspect that there is a gang war going on.

    Only by the next morning does it seem that LeBrock has taken advantage of the gang war and unlawfully killed the leader of one of the warring factions. Due to this, Ratzi has taken it upon himself to be the one to turn in LeBrock. It is only his willingness to give LeBrock a sporting chance that allows him to escape.

    At the police station, Ratzi is present as LeBrock is profiled to the force and his moves are being predicted. Knowing LeBrock like he is his own brother, Ratzi suggests where he may turn up and has the chief dispatch a group of officers there. Naturally, the other officers are astounded by Ratzi’s willingness to turn on his partner so readily. Ratzi explains that friendship only goes so far, and that he is long overdue for a promotion. Just then, Inspector Rocher calls from Paris, and Ratzi shares the bad news with him. As the profiling continues, Ratzi repeatedly points out flaw in the chief’s deduction, until another detective who knows LeBrock well arrives. Ratzi volunteers himself for the manhunt that follows.

    True to his word, Ratzi follows the lead to LeBrock’s new hideout, where he allows the entourage of other officers to sneak in. In only moments he’s confronted by LeBrock, and tries to dissuade him from whatever he plans to do next and turn himself in. Ratzi knows LeBrock well enough to know that he won’t simply go quietly. And as LeBrock escapes to another room, Ratzi discreetly tosses in a grenade after him. After the smoke clears, the body of LeBrock is found in the room.

    Back at the police station, Ratzi takes a moment to lament the loss of his friend, but then receives a phone call from one of LeBrock’s snitches who informs him of a meeting between all of the major gangs of London, just before the phones go dead. Once a police raid is organized, Ratzi attends and participates in apprehending the gangs present. After taking care of that, Ratzi mysteriously ends up going to Paris on a business trip.

    It seems that Ratzi had known more than he had let on after it turns out that LeBrock was actually alive and well. By the time that everybody returns to London, Ratzi’s role is revealed in full, and he assists in the capture of the last few members of the Koenig gang. Once that business is taken care of, Ratzi begins the celebration by opening a bottle of chardonnay.

    Skills & Abilities


    Being a rat, Ratzi is able to navigate hazardous obstacles with relative ease.

    Stealth & Infiltration

    Again owing to his being a rat, Ratzi is able to get into places that he is not supposed to be, and allow in others who have the same need.

    Unarmed Combat

    Ratzi is skilled in bartitsu, the gentleman’s fighting style. As such, he is skilled in fighting barefisted, and in conjunction with his cane, hat and coat.


    One might not believe that Ratzi is a crackshot with a cane gun, but he rarely ever misses when he must use it. Even if the shot must be made by a millimeter’s margin to succeed, Ratzi can make the shot flawlessly.

    Weapons & Equipment

    Cane Gun

    Ratzi's walking stick doubles as a concealed firearm. Loaded with large caliber bullets and with a barrel easily three feet long, it boasts surprising range and accuracy.

    Body Armor

    Custom made chainmail, courtesy of the police station's equipment manager. Able to stop even a close range blast from a shotgun.


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