Detective Krenshaw

    Character » Detective Krenshaw appears in 16 issues.

    A San Diego Police Department detective and friend of Baker family.

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    Krenshaw is afraid of spiders.


    Detective Krenshaw was created by Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire and artist Travel Foreman.

    Major Story Arcs

    Animal Man: The Hunt

    When Buddy Baker arrives at the San Diego hospital to help defuse a hostage situation it is Detective Krenshaw that approaches Buddy, and explains what is happening inside. After Buddy is able to stop the gunman and save the hostages it is Krenshaw that notices that Buddy is bleeding out his eyes. Krenshaw then waits with Buddy until a doctor can check him out and give him a clean bill of health.

    Later when Ellen and Cliff Baker are on the run from one of the Hunters Three, Ellen calls Krenshaw from the Lucky Star truck stop off highway 11. But when Krenshaw arrives the Hunter that was chasing Ellen and Cliff ambushes him, takes his form and puts him in the truck of the car.

    Not knowing that the Hunter had done this Ellen and Cliff go with him to Ellen's mother's house near Sacramento. While Ellen is inside talking to her mother Cliff and the Hunter, still disguised as Krenshaw are outside by the car. Cliff realizes something is wrong when the real Krenshaw starts to make noise in the trunk. The Hunter then takes Cliff and a frightened Krenshaw into the woods, where Krenshaw pleads for his life but the Hunter eats him anyway, and poor Cliff is forced to watch.

    One Last Flight

    For more information see: Animal Man Annual #2 - One Last Flight

    Four years before Krenshaw's death, he was around when Animal Man took down Biowulf. He then later called Animal Man to help when a giant spider web appeared on a street corner. While Buddy tries to communicate with the spider that made the web, several smaller spiders descended on Krenshaw, Cliff Baker and the rest of the police forced called out to investigate. Krenshaw is the only one, other then Animal Man, who is not drug into the sewers by the small spiders.


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