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Major Story Arcs

One Year Later

For more information see: One Year Later

After the events in Wrath of the Lamb Kincaid finds herself in prison, for driving a tank into downtown Gotham and destroying a small section. The only person to visit her is Pruitt, but he tends to arrive too late for visiting hours and never has good news about her appeal.

Then one day after Kincaid is attacked in the exercise yard by several inmates she herself put into prison, Kincaid is visited by a strange man. He appears to her as an old clergy man, and offers her freedom. Next thing Kincaid knows she is being driven down the highway with the prison fading in the distance.

Then abruptly the stranger stops the car and tells Kincaid she needs to get out. Not one to argue with the man who freed her, Kincaid obeys, and the man drives off. As soon as the car disappears around the corner, a young cop approaches Kincaid. He recognizes her and orders her to freeze, Kincaid tries to run and the officer shoots her in the head killing her.

Later, due to a wish made by the Demon Entrigan, Kincaid is brought back to life and reality is bent so that she never met Jason Blood and thus was never in prison or arrested. Kincaid is still a police officer in the Gotham City P.D.


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