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    Patrick Gleason is a Detective at the NYPD in the Witchblade series.

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    Patrick Gleason is a detective at the NYPD and was assigned to be Sara Pezzini's partner after her previous partner, Jake McCarthy, was hospitalized, then later died. Gleason and Pezzini would fall for each other after working for awhile. After Sara discovered that she was pregnant, Gleason told her that he would stay by her side through the whole pregnancy.
    Gleason remains with Sara and acts as Hope's surrogate father and his sister is Hope's baby sitter when they need someone to watch over her.  Despite their captain knowing about their relationship she allows the two to remain partners in the special cases division.   During the battle between the trinity the Curator gives Gleason the Blood Sword which he uses to decapitate the Angelus' human host Celestine
    Gleason can only watch as Sara descends into darkness due to her possessing the dark aspect of the Witchblade.  He is present for the final battle between Danielle & Sara and shortly after Sara regains the light aspect of the Witchblade the two make up and declare their love for one another.


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