Detective Comics #235

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #235 - The First Batman released by DC Comics on September 1956.

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    Bruce Wayne finds his fathers diary and comes to an entry where his father wears a costume resembling a bat at a Masquerade Ball. Bruce continues to read outloud to Dick Grayson "During the ball, hoodlums broke in demanding a doctor . They took me to a wounded Lou Moxon a bank robber who the police are currently searching for. Knowing that they would kill me after I patched up Moxon, somehow I managed, with a little luck to take down Moxon and his goons and turn them over to the police. When I attended Moxon's trial,he swore revenge and that he would get even with me as he was sentenced for ten years." Bruce checks further on into the diary discovering that ten years later after being released from prison, Moxon found and threatened his father, promising to kill him.Bruce Wayne reopens his parents murder case following a hunch that Moxon hired Joe Chill to kill his father. Later that night Batman and Robin visit Moxon at his Ski-Hi Advertising Co.. After tangling with Moxon and his gang, the Batman brings charges to the police that Moxon murdered Thomas Wayne. Moxon takes a lie detector test claiming he never even heard of a Thomas Wayne and passes it. Soon the Batman discovers that Moxon had gotten into a car accident and had a case of amnesia not too long after he threatened his father.The Batman guesses that Moxon may have forgotten some things but not in the way of crime and decides to tail him and his gang. After another go with Moxons gang Batman clothes are tattered and at Robins suggestion wears his fathers old "bat-man " costume to finally confront Lou Moxon. As the Batman enters Moxons place, a dread fear comes over Lou Moxon. It seems with the Batman wearing his fathers old Ballroom Bat costume has jarred some memories. Lou Moxon screams as though he is seeing a ghost," Your dead! I had Joe Chill kill you ! Leave me alone!" He starts running out of the building and into the oncoming traffic being killed instantly as he is struck by a truck.


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    Building on the Batmans Origin 0

    Through the Batman and Dark Knight archives, I have gotten a chance to read the books I could never afford. The early Batman  and Detective comics had a quality that is so appealling there is no wonder this character has endured as long as he has. "The First Batman" lends itself to the Batmans origin story 8 years prior where Joe Chill was named the killer of Bruce Waynes parents. Here building on that classic Batman issue #47 we find that Bruce has found his fathers diary and clues to reopen hi...

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