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There's a New Girl In Town...

A new story arc, a new mystery and the appearance of a new character with ties to an old one, all in one issue.

The Good 

How the heck does someone drop off a dead killer whale in the city without anyone knowing? There's definitely a new mystery going on in Gotham. What's great about this is it doesn't seem as if it was done by one of Batman's big villains. The fact that we might be seeing someone new for Dick Grayson is intriguing. Throw in the fact that this was done, you know we're dealing with someone capable of doing...interesting things. 

The dead whale opens up new doors for our characters. In a scene with Dick and Commissioner Gordon, we get to see the two interact with Dick being Dick and not dressed in the bat-cowl. I can't say that I'm too familiar with their civilian interactions. When I first started reading Batman in the early 80s, Dick was Nightwing and Jason Todd was Robin. There should be a history between them because of Barbara and it's great seeing them work together this way.

What about the revelation of a new character with ties to an old one? Normally I'm not crazy when new characters are thrusted into continuity and we're just supposed to accept it. The way this character is brought up and explained, it makes perfect sense. It's quite a bombshell and when it comes to Scott Snyder's devious mind, there's no telling what the character's true intentions are. We clearly get mixed signals here that adds spice to the overall story. Jock's art and use of shadows add to the experience and compliments the sense of mystery throughout the entire issue.

The Bad 

The mystery aspect is great but being the first issue of the arc with a new villain, it's almost a little hard to get excited about the villain. Dick should have his own rogues separate from Bruce's so this is just a minor complaint. There is the chance that the new character I mentioned will cause headaches for Dick as well. The final scene in the issue which leaves us with a cliffhanger until the next issue felt a little odd. I expect better from Dick. Then again, he does chastise himself for making a mistake. That's part of what makes his time as Batman different than Bruce's. We clearly have a different person and these aren't just regular Batman stories but instead, Dick stepping up into the role. 

The Verdict 

Detective Comics continues to have a feel that separates it from the many other Bat-titles. Scott Snyder is making Dick Batman in his own right. This isn't just a regular Batman story where the costume sequences feel like it could still be Bruce underneath. We also get some character development seeing Dick out of costume along with a (sort of) blast from his past which is bound to cause problems. The new arc brings up a new mystery. Anyone that can drop off a dead killer whale in the city and have no witnesses has to be a brilliant mastermind. New villains help keep Dick's identity as Batman separate from Bruce's. Jock's art creates an almost eerie mood and the expressions on the characters' faces speak volumes. Detective continues to be my favorite Bat-comic and is great as a stand alone Bat-series.

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