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Almost, but ... nah.

That could have been better. Since no one apparently has any staying power for any New 52 Batman series, here we have another new author bringing a "fresh" take on the new versions of these characters, a freshness that resembles last week's pizza. The Poison Ivy and Clayface story was quite good, don't get me wrong. Layman concocts a rather enjoyable tale with some interesting takes on the characters. If that sort of freshness had been applied to the rest of the volume, I would have gladly given this 3 or even 4 stars. Unfortunately, the remainder of the volume is filled with grotesque and meandering tales, as the focus of "Penguin stealing Wayne's spotlight" (a promising idea) is almost immediately replaced with "One of Penguin's no-name goons becomes Emperor Penguin thanks to Joker's help," wreaking further havoc with our New 52 Batman timeline spatial awareness. Interspersed with this banality are grossly barbaric panels of psychopathic murder and horribleness (culminating in a troubled youth's majickal ability to pronounce every letter without any lips). Zsasz, Joker, and Pretend-Joker stories always work much better with implied mayhem and destruction, Mr. Layman. We don't need to see the carnage. We would be far more interested in your storytelling abilities and far less likely to turn away from your work in disgust and disappointment. We don't need our visceral appetites engaged. We want to be like the heroes of Gotham not its villains.

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    Me ha gustado mucho esta incursión de Batman en los crímenes inspirados o relacionados con el Joker. Durante todo el arco argumental me he encontrado con un halo de suspenso psicológico que en ocasiones ha rozado el horror. Muy buenas historias y personajes para animarlas (ejemplo: el Juerguista)....

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